Is Blogging Dead?

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Um…NO! I’ve gotten a bunch of push back lately from people who are telling me that the days of weekly, daily, or monthly blog posts are over.

Why the questioning? Big reduction in comments on website blogs and the fact that we are inundated with content 24/7 and people just aren’t taking the time to read everything.

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All true.

So why continue writing weekly blog posts?

Blogs are still very important and people ARE still reading and commenting, but they are doing so via social media and email. Followers may NOT read every blog, but they are reading blogs that are relevant to them at that point in time. Blogs also help SEO on your website – in a huge way.

Here’s the process that I follow:

  • We create an editorial calendar for the year outlining what we are going to talk about based on our marketing/sales/business growth strategies
  • We create content in the form of blogs, whitepapers, articles and emails.
  • We share our blogs via our social channels, site in articles and white papers, and sometimes we share via email.
  • People tend to comment on social channels – especially LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • If we get high engagement – we may consider boosting posts to get further reach and engagement.
  • We watch the analytics to see what’s hot – and consider writing more content or expanding on those topics.

Frequency – why weekly? Because people ARE inundated with tons of content daily and if you miss them one week, you can catch them the next. If you are only pushing out new content every couple of months and you miss them – well, do the math.

Keep writing, keep posting! Trust us, blogs are alive and doing just fine if they are well written and relevant to your audience.

Do you write a blog now? Share it with us – we always love reading great stuff!

Happy writing

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