Should you fire that client?

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fire client

Don’t worry – any of my clients reading this you are all safe 🙂 I love you and appreciate your loyalty – hell, you guys are all just great to work with, and fun.

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I often work with clients who are struggling with time management, revenue growth, and scaling. As you well know, one of the first things I do is dig behind the scenes. Who are the customers, who is the team servicing those customers, who is selling – the list goes on.

Sometimes the issue is…. the customer or customers.

I’m a huge fan of deciding what your Target Client Profile is – or TCP for short. Your magical client – the one you want millions of – ok, maybe not millions if you are the size of Red Barn. Let’s just say you want a bunch.

Now, I’m realistic. Not all your clients will be as perfect as your favorite client. Current clients don’t ask me who that is – that’s like asking a Mom who their favorite child is! Back to being realistic. You should identify the traits in your favorite clients and then STRIVE to find others who share those traits.

If you have a client who makes you and/or your staff miserable or is never happy no matter what you do – divorce them. Regardless of the revenue. Yes, I said regardless of the revenue. Why? Well, beyond making you miserable, which affects your culture, they also are preventing you from finding clients who are in your TCP.

Sometimes letting revenue generating clients go isn’t easy – it’s kind of like letting a good producing salesperson go. But if they aren’t playing nicely in the sandbox – rip off the proverbial band-aid. Sure, it will be unpleasant for a while, but in the end, you will be better off and happier.

A wise woman – aka Robin Bienemann from Crimson Rook – once taught me perhaps one of the most valuable lessons. Write this down – remember it.

ONLY – and I mean ONLY work with people who:
1. You can bring true value to and they must appreciate that value
2. Can afford your services. No haggling allowed.
3. You like, your team likes, and hey, you wouldn’t mind having a Friday afternoon cocktail with.

BTW- above is a pretty darn good formula for determining who is in your Target Client Profile.

Homework: Look at your clients. Which do NOT follow the 3 rules above? Are you ready to let go?

Another BTW – if all your clients are in the hate column then Houston we have a bigger problem. No worries – there is always a solution, but for this one you need to call me. A serious phone chat is in order.


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