OMG – yes you have to track it.

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track sales

I can always tell a good salesperson and yes, the ones that just are going to drive their managers bat s**t crazy and then some.

Rainmakers, top dogs – you know the superstars all have this one thing in common: They are a slave to their data.

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They know:

  • Their sales goals, and how close or far off they are at any moment in time.
  • They know their stretch goals, bonus tipping points and anyway they can make extra on their book of business.
  • They are data monsters – they eat it up. They know everything about their top prospects.
  • They know who their Target Client Profile is – they aren’t wasting a lick of time on someone who isn’t going to buy from them. EVER.

Here’s a big one – they have an organized trackable process. Yes, I said process. They know exactly what to do NEXT when they get a lead, they make a pitch, they close a deal. Rarely do they waiver.

Oh Shocker – they track it all in a CRM. Now for some that are old school that may mean a spreadsheet or God Help me paper files – but however you want to track your pipeline is fine, just do it.

If you are a salesperson that doesn’t fit into what I just described you might want to search out another career. Sure, you may sell some stuff, but you won’t be the top dog. Can you change? You betcha!

Managers – if you have someone who isn’t in the “KNOW” – we need to get to the bottom of WHY they aren’t quickly. Trust me, the frustration will only get worse…and worse…until you become a passive aggressive evil boss. Yea – it will happen. Seen it more than once.

Here’s the good news – there are so many training support systems out there. (Like Red Barn – sorry – had to plug us)

If you want to win the coveted Top Sales Dog award at the annual business meeting – then trust me, you need a sales coach. A mentor – or hell, someone to get you organized!

Call us – we rock at the whole sales organization and getting act together stuff.

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