The Digital Insurance Agent – yes, we are still talking about this

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The Independent Insurance Agency world is still behind the 8-Ball when it comes to digital marketing. I’m not here to tell you that you should do it – because hopefully by now you know that. What I do want to share is what I’m seeing out there in the real world, and if you are truly vested in growing your agency, take the time to read the rest of this article!

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What Agents are missing: The Pre-Game.

  1. Not understanding their Customer – Their Target Client Profile. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat with an agent and asked them to tell me about their book of business. What’s it made up of? Tell me about your customers. RADIO SILENCE. As in they don’t know. This is SO important. You can’t create any marketing strategy unless you know who you are marketing to. More importantly you need to be able to look at your book of business and find your best clients. The one’s you like, you have the most experience, the best markets and are of course the most profitable.
  2. Not mapping the Customer Journey. You need to understand HOW your clients find you and HOW they like to be communicated with. After #1 this is perhaps the most important part of the Pre-Game. It’s the before they buy, after they buy, during the policy period, during the renewal, after the renewal and GASP after they leave. And yes – drawing an actual map is part of it. Plus – I’m a visual person and I like post it notes.
  3. Not having a Narrative Statement. You have to be able to communicate who the hell you are and what you are delivering to your clients. What is your unique value prop? Why should anyone buy from you?
  4. Not having a Content Strategy. This is different than an overall Marketing Strategy – that’s #5. I call them Content Buckets – what will your content derive from? What are the most important conversations you want to have with your prospects?
  5. Not having an overall Marketing Strategy. This includes your digital channel plan – where you will share your content, get your message out AND your traditional marketing such as print, radio etc. It should also have a month by month breakdown of what you are going to do and an overarching Editorial Calendar showing blog topics, email topics, hashtags etc.

Once you do 1-5 – now you are ready to take action. Please don’t go down the route of hiring someone who gives you canned content for your website, or canned email content. You will be lost in a sea of blue insurance logos looking like everyone else. People are buying from YOU. Share your story, show some personality.

Final tip – get your team involved. Your front-line folks are the ones who are interacting with your clients day after day. If you are looking for content – ask them WHAT your customers are asking about? Maybe it’s auto rates rising, or cyber liability or AirBnB or UBER questions.

I would have to say the majority of agents I work with haven’t done the Pre-Game. They dive right in and have miserable results. No super bowl was won without a lot of planning up front.

Just my $.02

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