Do “typical” working hours exist?

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typical working hours

As a brief history for those who may not know, prior to being the Brand Ambassador at Red Barn Consulting I worked for a community bank as a residential mortgage lender. I know, quite a jump from one career to the next but that’s another blog.

I recently signed up for Chris Brogan’s email list having been introduced to his newsletters through Cindy aka the buzz creator of Red Barn. Anyway, Chris runs a dynamic company called Owner Media Group. If you haven’t checked it out yet – you should.

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The first email I got from Chris mentioned that he responded to all his emails…himself. Not that I didn’t believe him but I wondered, how much time does that take? I’m sure you know what I did next. That’s right, I sent him an email. And within moments I got a response and no-it wasn’t canned or automated. He read my email and sent me a relevant response. Ok, mind blown! Part of Chris’s email was a link to one of his books on Amazon, Find Your Writing Voice – for $6.99, you betcha I bought the book!

In between meetings today I stopped to grab a bite to eat and read and in Find Your Writing Voice, Chris mentioned writing goals. Huh… I never thought of it like that. I mean aside from reaching out to my networking group and staying in contact, what goal am I setting for my writing? Honestly, I had no answer.

That is, until I got home from work. And by home from work I mean – left my last meeting, worked for about an hour, picked up my son from daycare, played outside with him for a while, got home to let the dog out and tried to decide what I can make for dinner that 1.) a 2 year old will eat and 2.) won’t take forever to make so he can have a bath and get to bed at a reasonable time and give me time to work since we have to be out the door before 7 am tomorrow. Whew – I’m tired just thinking about all that!

Which brings me to my goal for writing and my work-life balance. As previously mentioned, I have a 2 year old… and a dog. I mean, I have a cat too but she doesn’t need a whole lot from me and I’m ok with that. More to the point, my end goal – I want to write and wrap up my work day by 5. I know, plenty of people work past 5 but hear me out.

Daycare closes at 5 pm every day, some days I have networking functions I attend so I end up working late on those days but that’s only a few times a month. My goal is for my norm to be done with work by 5 pm, and have weekends with my son and my family. When I pick up my little guy at daycare I don’t want to think about all the “home” things I have to do like pay bills, do laundry, cook dinner, and how I’m going to balance any office work that I need to catch up on while I was out on appointments during the day.

I haven’t had “typical” working hours since before my son was born and I don’t think I would do well in a typical office environment anymore so the end game is: build up my writing, work from a schedule I set and end my days when I want to.

That, is why I do it.

Until next time!

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