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As I was scrolling through Facebook looking for one thing or another, I came across an article titled:

25 things about life I wish I had known 10 years ago.” It got me thinking a little bit, not even about what I wish I knew 10 years ago, but what I wish I knew even a few month ago! Little things like creating daily habits that will make me more efficient – not to mention make life easier in the long run.

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I spend A LOT of time on social media as part of my job at Red Barn, so I come across a ton of articles that I don’t usually have time to sit and read when I initially find them. And there is nothing more frustrating that trying to find the article again later when I have a few spare minutes. The Facebook Gods must have been listening – introducing the Save Feature. If you haven’t used it yet you should.

 Here are some quick guidelines on how to use the feature:

  • If you’re looking at a post, in the top right-hand corner there are three little dots – Click on those three little dots
  • You’ll see a few options populate, with the top option saying Save link. Click it
  • On the left side of your Facebook screen you’ll see options starting with your profile down to “shortcuts” and then to “explore.” Under “explore”, lo and behold there’s a saved folder!
  • In that folder you’ll see every post, photo or article that you have saved. How handy!

Personally, I save recipes, articles about being an efficient mom (because who doesn’t need a boost of productivity!) and articles pertaining to my job that I think will be beneficial to share with our clients and customers.

Most of all I find that it’s an efficient timesaver.  I can gather all the information that I know will be relevant and whenever I have a few minutes I can scroll through articles I’ve saved and share or un-save once I’ve read them. Here’s some tips from our friends over at Facebook on how Saving works and Saving Privacy – CLICK HERE!

Handy? I think so! It’s not always huge things that make our life easier – we don’t need to buy the newest technology or software to find little efficiencies. Don’t get me wrong, new software and technology is amazing but I’m a huge fan of not overwhelming yourself.

Use what you have, become an expert at it before you start moving onto the next thing. In this case utilize Facebook. I love the saved folder to archive information I don’t have time to review immediately.

Have you found any simple tricks to help maximize your time or that simply makes your life easier – I’d love to hear them!

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