The Evolution of Marketing

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evolution marketing

Marketing has undergone some drastic changes in the past 10 years. Well heck, even in the past year, or 6 months! I’m sure you know firsthand that people are being overloaded with data everywhere they turn – on their phones, computers or tablets, watching TV, and even just driving down the road. It’s everywhere!

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So how did this evolution come about and how is it affecting YOU and your business? Let’s look at cell phones as an example of evolution. More specifically, the smart phone.

Think back to about 15 years, the smart phone was just starting to evolve, and Nokia phones ruled the landscape.  You know, the phones that only made calls, had texting capabilities, and offered the solitary game of “Snake”. EVERYONE had one, and the only way to really customize it was to buy a different faceplate for it. Bluetooth – what’s that?!

10 years ago, the flip phone was all the rage and phones started offering alternative capabilities other than making a call. New apps were offered with the ability to access the internet as well as take and store photos. OMG – the selfie revolution is upon us! But seriously, your phone started becoming a tool that could make your life easier. And accessories, they started flooding the market!

Now think back to just 5 years ago, all 10 of the top phones where flat touch screen models noticeably larger than today’s phones but we have a trend going. The possibilities became endless – new apps were being created daily, your phone became your life line to the world, and something you couldn’t leave home without – and social media was literally at your fingertips – pics or it didn’t happen!

Over the past 15 years the cell phone industry has evolved rapidly and it’s still evolving. Cell phones changed shape, sizes, colors, and function. Could you survive without your cell phone today – of course you can, but most people wouldn’t want to.

So, what does this have to do with Marketing? EVERYTHING! Why wouldn’t your marketing have to evolve just like the cell phone did and is still doing? Traditional marketing used to include newspaper ads, AM/FM radio, billboards, mailers, etc.  – which are all still relevant today. BUT – and that’s a big BUT, only if you are hitting your target clients. The biggest draw to digital marketing (to me anyway) is the trackability and the demographic specification.

With conventional radio, you never truly know how many people are hearing your ad or if they are your actual target clients. Online or streaming radio (think Pandora or Spotify) can actually track how many people are tuned in at the time that your ad streams and you can set your target demographics. Ads on social media can provide analytics as to how many people saw your ad, clicked on your ad, and reacted to your ad. The possibilities are endless and always changing!

Now folks, this is my kind of advertising! Gone are the days where you need to throw spaghetti and the wall and hope something sticks. One of our favorite tools here at the Red Barn is email marketing! It’s incredibly affordable, easily automated, and you can receive analytics of how many people opened your email, who clicked the link, who read the blog and the list goes on.

Times change, make sure your marketing efforts are keeping up! Have questions on what marketing initiatives will work best for your company? Or maybe you just need some training on what’s new and how to incorporate it into your business? Call me!

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