Mindfulness and success – the connection

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Winning vs. Losing 

Succeeding vs. Failing 

Happy vs. Sad 

It all comes down to what you really want.  #truth. 

There are times in life that we all struggle, be it personally or professionally. Sometimes, they happen at the same time and life feels like it’s consuming you and not in a good way.   

Some people stay in a state of “Losing, Failing and/or Sadness” while others seem to live in a world of “Winning, Succeeding and Happiness.”   

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First let’s address that perception.  No one wins all the time, succeeds all the time, nor is happy all the time. The difference is they have the ability to bounce back and focus on the bigger picture.  Live in the moment, yes, but staying there is dangerous when you are in a funk.  Unfortunately, many deal with depression and other mental illnesses that don’t allow them to get unstuck and life is a constant battle of how to move forward. Thankfully, for the majority of us, we can easily move from one mindset to another but we have to make the choice to do so. 

The key is focusing on what you want, versus what you don’t want.  Seeing losing and failing as an opportunity to learn from mistakes, adjust, iterate, and move on.  Seeing sadness as a temporary grieving process for something that well…just sucks, but finding the silver lining and realizing tomorrow is another day. 

If we always focus on the things we don’t have – we will never get the things we want.  

When it comes to business, this also holds true.  Even the great business leaders of our day will tell you it’s not all lollipops and unicorn dust – some days are tough. Tough decisions have to be made, cash flow issues, employee drama… the list goes on...and on. 

As an entrepreneur, you need to think long term and recognize the bumps in the road are just that – bumps. 

Be Mindful.  Focus on what you want vs. what you don’t. 

If your mind is consumed with cash flow issues and you just sit in front of your computer looking at the $.03 in your checking account for hours, days, months vs. taking action to amend the situation, you will in fact still have $.03 in your checking account a month from now.   

Better to: 

Be real.  Be honest about the situation.  How did you get there? What caused it and more importantly how can you reverse it and not repeat. 

Take ownership.  As a business owner the buck stops with you.  If things aren’t going correctly, take charge.  Bring in some experts. Ask for help.  Don’t stay frozen in time. 

Eye on the Big Picture.  Know that tomorrow really is another day.  That it’s not a sign of weakness nor failure to ask for help and that no one is successful without setbacks.  No one. EVER. 

Be Mindful.  Be aware of how you feel.  Be aware of your actions.  Be aware of your behaviors…your repeated behaviors. 

If your messy desk causes you to spend 2 hours a day searching for things and you are whining about not enough time in the day.  Well…clean your desk.  

Mindfulness.  Action.  Results. 

Success.  Winning.  Happiness.  #lifegoals with some bumps in the road. Bring them on! 


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