Entrepreneurs: Mindfulness Matters

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I’m a serial entrepreneur. I learned the hard way, that my lifestyle isn’t always unicorns and glitter dust (as Jenn would say).  Being an entrepreneur takes grit, patience, hard work and looking risk in the eye and saying, “Just watch me”. 

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To love what I do, I’ve created a mindset around that.  I understand that every single day there will be challenges – and that’s all they are, challenges.  Will I fail at times?  Absolutely – but those are opportunities to learn and grow.  I’m not going to lie, I don’t walk around gloriously happy 24/7, life gets to me like any honest human. The difference is I don’t get stuck there.  It doesn’t bring me joy to dwell on what I don’t have, or what I wish I could have.  I look at the possibilities and I’m mindful of looking forward.

Practicing mindfulness is something I learned that most successful business people practice – in fact it’s what most truly HAPPY people practice.

It took me years to get here.  I used to compare myself to others, long for this perfect company with perfect cash flow and perfect employees – thinking everyone BUT me had them.  I call bullshit on that one.  Perfection is not only a myth, it’s an evil gremlin that messes with many a mind!

With the help of hours of reading, and working with coaches here’s how I came to be in my mindful utopia I call my life:

  1. My Three Words. Each year I choose 3 words that will define my year. I live by them – mindfully.  I choose them mindfully and I work at it.  This year they are: Teach. Gratitude. Peace.
  2. I journal – I used journal ALL the time. In fact – I have journals from just about every day I was at UConn. (scary I know – but a hoot to read!).  Each morning I manifest the day I want.  So, it’s positive thought – what do I want?  I also write down something around my Three Words. See#2
  3. I have serious ME TIME each and every morning. 5-7am is all about me. I ease into my day.  This was a game changer.  I drink my coffee AND… either read the paper, paint, exercise – or even go back to bed.  Whatever makes me happy – it doesn’t matter what I do, except to “Just be”.  That time is sacred, and on rare occasion do I mess with it.  
  4. I surround myself only with people with my same core values and mindset. Why be around people who stress me out?  That’s the PEACE in my three words. 
  5. I am a constant learner – I read, have mentors, surround myself with brilliant people. The only way to grow is to learn. 

Folks, when I tell you I struggled with never really being happy for years – even though I had everything I needed – it’s the truth. I was never able to “just be” and enjoy the moment. Mindfulness changed all of it. 

If you are a business owner struggling to have that work/life balance – trust me, just try my formula or make your own. 

  1. Take time for you
  2. Be Grateful for what you have
  3. Focus on what you want versus what you don’t want
  4. Be Mindful of your actions and who you surround yourself with
  5. Money is not the most important thing – EVER. It will come and go – your friends and family are what you should treasure.



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