MK’s Cake Theory

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MK Cake

I always learn something from my clients – always!  That’s what makes my role as CEO at the Red Barn so fascinating and well, fun!

One such client is Mary Katherine (MK)  Moore, Director of Marketing at NeuGroup.  She is a quintessential southern, fierce red-head with some great stories and tons of great analogies.  MK is a firm believer in do what you do best and stop wasting time on what aren’t your superpowers.  I call it her Cake Theory.

As MK tells it.

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I’m a great baker.  I know the process for making a fabulous cake. The perfect texture in the crumb, delightful filling, and frosting that doesn’t mask the taste of the cake but compliments it.  I also have all the right tools – Kitchen-Aid mixer, scale, measuring gadgets and of course an oven that doesn’t burn everything that’s put in it.  Oh – and add in some fabulous cool aprons  – because you have to, of course, look the part.  I also ALWAYS have the perfect ingredients on hand at all times so when the urge hits me to whip up a cake – boom, I can do it and have that baby in the oven in 20  minutes.  Depending on the recipe and the size of the pans (of which I have every which one you can imagine) my cake is out of the oven and cooling in 25-60 minutes on the perfect cooling racks.  45 minutes later it’s ready to frost.  Of course, it’s displayed on a delightful vintage cake stand that every southern grandmother would be proud to put on her linen covered porch table, with a pitcher of sweet tea on the side.

The result – no stress, a perfect cake, and super happy guests who have been invited over for afternoon tea and cake.  BOOM!

Now – ask a non-baker to do the same task.  No tools, no ingredients on hand, and hell no on the knowledge that you need to alternate the flour mixture (sifted not once but two or three times) with the milk, and that you need to beat it just the right amount – not too long, but not too short to get the perfect cake.

The result – STRESS, hot mess, bad cake, unhappy guests, and super unhappy baker.

Now equate this to business.  When you ask someone to go WAY OUTSIDE not only their comfort zone but their skill zone you will indeed get the unskilled baker’s barely edible fallen cake – one like you would see on a Pinterest FAIL list versus MK’s fabulous coconut cake with 7 minute frosting that would win a blue ribbon at any county fair.

Moral of the story:  Do what you do best, outsource the rest.  No one is GREAT at everything, but we are all great at something.  Stop wasting time, money, and energy trying to be something you are not.

Be like MK, be a blue ribbon winner not a Pinterest Cake Fail.

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