Content Marketing – How to Get Started!

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content marketing

Let me just start by saying, Content Marketing is all about telling stories, giving away a ton of FREE relevant and valuable content and educating your customers and prospects to the point where they intellectually come to the conclusion that you know what you are talking about.  In other words, you are building trust through content.  

 It’s not rocket science, it is brilliance AND in today’s crazy marketing world – it’s the way to go.  People no longer will buy from you because you tell them to, because you tell them you are the best, you have the best product/service,  because you tell them you are knowledgeable.   


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DISCLAIMER:  Content marketing takes time – at least 9-12 months before you see results and some serious work, but it is by far one of the most effective ways to build your brand.   

 Here’s the process we walk our client’s through or if they choose – we do it for them. 

  1.  Deep dive into your core values, your company and your WHY.  You need to know who the hell you are, what you are about before you can tell others.  Don’t skip this part.  Create a list of your core values – why you do what you do, what matters 
  2. Identify who your ideal client is – I’m talking tons of details. 
  3. Create Benchmark Goals.  What do you want to happen 12 months from now – what are your goals.  Do you want increased revenue?  Increased client retention?  Brand awareness and/or expansion – a combination thereof?  You need to know how you will measure success.
  4. Customer Journey Mapping.  (READ MY BLOG HERE).  You need to understand the type of content your prospects and customers would like to read during each part of their journey and HOW they will get that content.  Also, identify the roadblocks and motivations they have going through their journey.
  5. Overarching strategy and editorial calendar.  Get the whiteboard or use an excel sheet – list all the months on one side, and the marketing channels you are going to use.  Now start filling in what you need – types of content, assets needed (writers, videographer, designers etc).
  6. Start writing based on your editorial calendar.  You want to get ahead of the game – at least 3 months.  Make sure you include social media into the mix – this isn’t load some content on your website and they will come.  You need channels to get them there.   
  7. Use email – use email marketing to get your word out – share your content.  Strive to get opt-ins. 
  8. TEST.  Are people reading it?  Is it working?  If not –  mix it up. 

 Most people don’t comment on our blogs ON OUR WEBSITE. We get some – the real magic happens when we share them on social, we get asked to speak at events based on content we’ve written, we build credibility with our prospects.   

This isn’t rocket science, but it’s science.  If this is completely overwhelming to you – hire it out.  Don’t spend time on something you aren’t great at – spend time in your business doing what you do best! (Yea, I suppose that was a sales plug for Red Barn here – but it’s the truth.) 

Content Marketing works.  It’s not a fad, it’s the way of the world and you should be part of it!! 

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