It’s all about taking ACTION

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I’m a huge fan of self-development books, podcasts, workshops – in fact, I’m probably a little addicted.  I’m fascinated by what makes successful people tick.  I guess I’m a bit of a voyeur.  I’m curious, I’m questioning, I’m a dreamer.

All of that is well and good, but the only way to accomplish any type of success is taking ACTION.

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You can read every self-help book out there on how to be better at anything, but reading will only get you so far.

Most people fail because they get all hyped up over the process thinking it will be some type of magic pill (been there done that) and then they might implement for a while….and then….it falls apart.

So how do you make it sticky?

You have to really WANT the result, you have to be WILLING to do the work and in the end,  you need to be able to envision yourself in that place of success.  In other words, you have to act like you are already there.  Only then will the ACTION plan work and yes, be sticky.

Here’s how I roll

  1. I literally look in the mirror and talk to myself. I’m willing to do_______.  I want _______so freakin’ bad I can taste it.  I will be downright relentless until I get_________.  (Channeling my Gary Bishop a bit)
  2. I draw a line in the sand as to when I want to accomplish whatever it is I want. This is Channeling Napoleon Hill – a goal is a dream with a deadline.
  3. I tell someone or everyone – so I have accountability. I hate egg on my face.
  4. I create ACTION Plans and break them down into 90 Day sprints. What do I need to do in the next 90 days to get me closer to my goal?

Anything is possible.  You can have anything you want in life if you want it badly enough and are willing to do the work.  I believe that from the bottom of my soul.  It simply takes ACTION.  When the ACTION doesn’t happen – you just don’t want it enough.  #toughlove   Because when you REALLY want something, you do whatever it takes to get it.  Trust me – been there done that too.

What’s your plan?

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