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Red Barn Blog: Coaches

Here’s one thing I learned early on as a serial entrepreneur -it’s not a solo gig even if you are a solopreneur. Well, it can be, but you won’t be successful. The secret: You can’t and shouldn’t do EVERYTHING by … Read More

Delight Your Customers

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customer service red barn consulting

The customer is always right, know your customers, listen to your customers, etc. But in a world when news and opinions are widely shared on social media and stories go viral on the internet, why notdelight your customers. ReferralCandy, which … Read More

You’re Wasting Time

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Red Barn Blog: Wasting Time

You worked through the weekend…You wrote emails, put together a sales meeting agenda, and answered phone calls. So what if you were late for your friend’s birthday party and the lawn didn’t get mowed. You were still productive. Research shows … Read More