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Organizational Guru, Policy and Procedure Extraordinaire, Implementation Specialist. High GSD Factor and President at the Red Barn.

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[ThursdayClub] The 7 Layers of Resilience

Good morning and happy Friday! Before I get into today’s musing – a few updates! Reminder every Thursday at 9:00 am EST I’ll be streaming live in our Facebook Group – the Thursday Club Insiders. Our In person Mastermind intensive originally scheduled for the Maldives will now be held in the Caribbean.  Jenn and I […]

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[ThursdayClub] New Content Drop for March!

Happy Friday, So much of what we talk about at the Thursday Club is around living your life on your terms – or what I like to call #LifeByDesign.  If you dream it…it will happen, if you want it to happen badly enough. This month I’m choosing to circle our thoughts and actions around two […]

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[ThursdayClub] Remove these and see!

One of the big things that has changed in my life over the past few years is the transition to a plant-based diet.  The move has been life-changing in so many ways.  When your doctor says “You’re the healthiest 58-year-old patient I have” – you know you are doing something right. I’m not here to […]

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[ThursdayClub] – Video Replay – let’s do this!

Happy Friday Yesterday I dove deep into how I tackle “Fear” and ultimately get to the goal line. You can grab the replay below – it’s only 15 minutes long – but grab a notebook & pen, you’ll want to take notes! I talk about having grit, supporting your goals with a clear mind, body […]

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[ThursdayClub] – Tackle Time

“Never trust your fears, they don’t know your strengths.” Athena Singh Good morning and happy Friday! I hope you had a great week despite all the craziness that happened – remember, this too shall pass.  I’m a firm believer in the phrases “Nothing lasts forever” and “Find the sunshine”. Although Wednesday showed us a very […]