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[ThursdayClub] Hell NO!

Happy Friday! This month in the Thursday Club we are tackling commitment – be it overcommitting or under committing – it’s about finding the magic balance of what works in your life and what serves your higher purpose. On the inside – I talked about time blocking as your monthly assignment.  If you missed the […]

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[ThursdayClub] GROW Better!

Happy Friday! It’s kind of a cold gloomy day here in Connecticut – I’m not going to lie, I feel like I’ve been working on this renovation house for EVER.  My wanderlust genes are begging me “Cindy…let’s GO!”…Patience grasshopper, we are almost done is what I have to tell that untamed beast of my soul! […]

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[ThursdayClub] Are you a hot mess – literally?

Good morning and welcome to April on the Inside!  I’m stoked for this month’s topic because we are purging the bad to allow room for the AMAZING. Answer these questions: Is your house a disaster? Are you embarrassed when people come over or do you run around like a crazed person when you think someone […]

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Good morning! Yesterday in our Facebook Group I went live and shared a humbling experience I had with my coach.  Grab the replay HERE if you missed it. My personal “to do” for my coach this week is to be shameless in my “self-promotion”.  That simply means, be FAR more comfortable sharing what I’m exceptionally good at – and we all […]

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[ThursdayClub] Managing Emotions

Good morning – happy Friday and Praise God it’s almost Spring – who’s doing a happy dance tomorrow?  #thisgirlis Continuing on our journey of building confidence and resiliency – I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about managing your emotions.  This goes a bit deeper than you are what you speak/think. Many people LET […]

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[ThursdayClub] Be careful…

Happy Friday! We are just about halfway through March – I hope you have taken the steps to work on your Resiliency and Confidence.  It’s so critically important to master this – not only for success but for ultimate happiness.  When you can conquer fears and think bigger than you ever thought, the world around […]

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[ThursdayClub] The 7 Layers of Resilience

Good morning and happy Friday! Before I get into today’s musing – a few updates! Reminder every Thursday at 9:00 am EST I’ll be streaming live in our Facebook Group – the Thursday Club Insiders. Our In person Mastermind intensive originally scheduled for the Maldives will now be held in the Caribbean.  Jenn and I […]

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[ThursdayClub] New Content Drop for March!

Happy Friday, So much of what we talk about at the Thursday Club is around living your life on your terms – or what I like to call #LifeByDesign.  If you dream it…it will happen, if you want it to happen badly enough. This month I’m choosing to circle our thoughts and actions around two […]