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Are You a Mistakes Repeat Offender?

Everyone makes mistakes – we are human after all.  But, are you a repeat offender?  Do you even recognize you’ve made a mistake?  Are you constantly doing damage control? Deep breath – you aren’t alone. Here are some tips and guidelines to help you reduce the number of mistakes you are making, what to do […]

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Is Your Employee Handbook Collecting Dust?

Unless you are a new company who just penned your employee handbook, odds are that yours hasn’t been updated in quite some time – at least not a major overhaul. The way we work and what our employees come to expect from a workplace have changed a lot over the past couple of years. Of […]

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Mentor vs. Coach – What’s the Difference and Which do I Need?

Whether you are stuck in a rut or crushing your goals – having a mentor or coach who helps you with your personal development can be a game-changer. The first step of course is finding someone you are comfortable talking to – but how do you know if you need a mentor or a coach […]

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Erin and Ashley from SightLine talk predictive analytics and it’s role at colleges and universities

Join me as I chat with Ashley Kern and Erin Thompson of Siteline Data, LLC. We dive deep into how Colleges and Universities should be utilizing their data to pivot during and after the pandemic. Who is thriving? Who is struggling? These two women are changing the way higher education predicts their future! Fascinating science! […]

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The Power of your Net Promoter Score!

For those who don’t know, Net Promoter Score ®, or NPS ®, measures your customer’s experience, how likely they are to refer people to you, and predicts business growth. You’ve probably even provided information for this business metric without even realizing it during a survey response. How is the Net Promoter Score calculated? The NPS […]

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How to Tell if You are Getting Sincere Feedback

Asking for feedback is a pretty normal part of life, right? You ask for people’s opinions all the time: Do they like a new recipe you made, do they like this color paint for the living room, does this new shirt make you look fat?, etc. Do you always get the truth… maybe not? In […]