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Organizational Guru, Policy and Procedure Extraordinaire, Implementation Specialist. High GSD Factor and President at the Red Barn.

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The Department of Justice is looking at your website – are you ADA compliant?

Compliance. It’s a word that finance managers are all too familiar with. We know it might cause a slight sinking feeling, but compliance guidelines exist to protect everyone — You and your customers. That’s why it’s vital to understand the impact and implications of the new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines issued by the […]

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Why You Should Be Using Drip Campaigns

When someone subscribes to your email list, it’s important to capture their newfound interest by making a strong connection. The best marketers use drip campaigns to quickly interact with new fans in a short period of time. A drip campaign is an automated series of emails sent to your subscribers. The emails are sent on […]

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Banks and the social media compliance debate

We work with several financial institutions, and we know that one of their main concerns is compliance – How do you make sure that what you’re saying in your Facebook or Twitter feeds meets all of the rules, regulations, and guidelines of the financial industry? Compliance can be a headache, but that shouldn’t stop you […]

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10 Habits of Hyper-Productive People

I’m Jenn (that’s not me in the picture). I’m known at the Red Barn as the Ops Beast – and I didn’t get that name by procrastinating. I take pride in being efficient and quick while still maintaining the level of quality needed to do my job. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not perfect […]

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Delight Your Customers

We’re all familiar with the 10 commandments of customer service: The customer is always right, know your customers, listen to your customers, etc. But in a world when news and opinions are widely shared on social media and stories go viral on the internet, why not delight your customers. ReferralCandy, which operates a customer referral […]

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Creating New Banking Customers – The Art of the Email Drip

If you oversee the marketing or sales for a bank or credit union, you’ve probably placed your fair share of ads in local newspapers, had some promotions on the local radio show, and launched a fabulous Facebook page. Hopefully, you’ve gotten some feedback, adjusted your strategy, and carried on. One marketing avenue you might have […]