Policies, Processes & Procedures

Fine tune your operations

identify gaps

360 holistic approach

business coaching

What every Entrepreneur needs…

Just call us Ops Beasts

Meticulous Assessments

We ask A LOT of questions and uncover your gaps

We hone in on what you do and how you do it. We ask the questions: Where are you now in relation to where you want to be? Can your operations strategy support your vision?

CoreValue business planning

team SWOT

marketing, sales & operations alignment

because we're detailed like that

Nerd-worthy reporting

We build a roadmap and give you a game plan

We pinpoint areas of both strength and weakness to provide detailed reports focused on streamlining and improving operations and implementing best practices to maximize ROI.

90-day sprint action plans

solid KPIs and milestones

business coaching to keep you on task

Let's start with WHY

Vision & Mission

Big picture visioning

We firmly believe in Simon Sinek’s WHY – people don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.  Our strategic planning is based on long term innovation and vision and short term action.

business strategic planning

access to our broad network of tier one experts

culture & leadership coaching

When you are ready to make a CHANGE, give us a call!

Client Testimonials


Sophia Reynolds

“I could not have done it by myself. I am extremely grateful for Red Barn Consulting, who has helped me along this journey.”

Cindy will take you out of the norm, but just listen and follow her instructions. Her methods work. Cindy and her team are amazing and will go the extra miles to help you, as long as you are serious and ready to work. I can honestly say with Red Barn Consulting’s help, within 3 months, my client base has increased, I surpassed my 1st quarter income goal, and I have grown as a professional.

Sophia Reynolds | President – Sophie’s Bookkeeping

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