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If there is one thing this Baby Boomer has learned, it is how to fail, pick myself up, learn from the experiences, and move on.  Let’s just say I have just a little bit of scar tissue when it comes to business launches and being a Consultant and Coach.

Learn from my mistakes, lean on me – let’s take this journey together.  From leaving your full time job (scary, right?) and following that dream, that urge to “do your OWN thing” – I’m here to guide you on how to make that process less painful, in fact, I’ll show you how to enjoy the damn ride!  Failing has been the key to my success – it’s taught me persistence and the importance of pure grit.

When you are ready – grab a spot on my calendar.  We’ll chat – see if you are entrepreneur material and devise the best path for you to take.

Cindy “Serial Entrepreneur and Failure LOVER” Donaldson


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What is it like day in and day out?  How to achieve work/life balance and honor self care?  How the hell do you get it all done AND have a life?

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Local Libationist

“February I started working with Red Barn Consulting to start my marketing business. In April I left my 9-5 job to pursue my business. ”

I needed help figuring out what my business looked like, where I could leverage what I love and where my strengths were.  Cindy and Jenn at Red Barn Consulting did just that and The Local Libationist was born.

Mike Valetta |  CEO & Libations Consultant – The Local Libationist

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Kim Elvorita - Raven's Edge

Bill Cox & David Luzi - EJ Murphy Realty

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