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    I did the 7 Layers exercise twice. I came up with:
    1st Q: What is important to me about becoming successful?
    1st Layer: Making money
    7th Layer: FREEDOM…to do what I want in life

    2nd Q: What is important to me about becoming successful?
    1st Layer: Having my work & what I do matter
    7th Layer: Serving people by bringing JOY and a positive influence into their lives. Continuing & contributing to the positive upward spiral.

    My Superpowers:
    1) Three things that make me stand out from my competition:
    • My creativity
    • My personal experience with food & stress related health issues
    • I actually live what I preach

    2) Three specific skills I’ve developed that make me successful at what I do:
    • Empathy from first hand experience which allows me to connect emotionally with people
    • Intuition
    • Knowledge

    3) Two things in my business that make me the happiest and things I would never outsource:
    • Brain storming & idea generation
    • planning / creating / concepting

    4) Two- three stories that were turning points in my life. My epiphany moments:
    I came up with three. All were negative and painful on the surface but catalysts that lead me to change once I got the bigger picture. One has taken years and I’m still working on it but I can see it for what it is now.

    Jenn Donovan

    Great job – it’s amazing what you really learn when you dig deep. It’s funny how most people think money is what they really want, when it’s really freedom. You gotta pay the bills, so money always comes up, but when you look at the big picture, money solves a problem, but it’s the answer.

    Empathy is a great skill to have and something that I have to work on – it’s just not in my personality type to be really empathetic. I get it, and I understand it, but I’m not a dwell on it, I just to finding a solution and it offends people sometimes. Work in progress.

    Great job

    Cindy Donaldson

    Heather – rock star! You actually 100% live what you preach and most can’t say that – including me. You are an inspiration! Thanks for giving the feedback.

    I know you are evolving on your journey to use your super powers and are an avid learner – keep us posted and let us know where we can help!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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