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Every great leader needs an outside perspective

I’ve been there…

Let’s just say I’ve had many mentors in my time – every one of them added extreme value to my life:  business, life, health & fitness.  Whether you are training for a marathon or trying to figure out why you are “stuck” – working with a mentor that aligns with your purpose will help you uncover the messes and more importantly help you create a road map to fix those things that are holding you back from greatness.

Let’s get on the phone and figure out if a mentoring relationship with me makes sense.  No obligation, far from a hard sell – I just want to learn more about what makes you fabulous!



When it’s a FIT it’s Magical!

Deene Morris, MA – Founder & CEO, Inspire Leadership, LLC

Cindy is a Force!

A force of creativity, curiosity, commitment, insight, energy and practical, expertise. And she’ll be the force behind you, beside you and ahead of you  – every step of the way.

I wish I’d known about Cindy from the start of my business! Her marketing expertise has taken my social media presence – and me – to an entirely new, authentic and relatable level. And that’s the thing. When you work with Cindy, your marketing presence will grow, but so will you.  And that where Cindy really distinguishes herself from the competition.

I contracted with Cindy to revamp my website. She presented me with what she calls a 3-month marketing “sprint” to accomplish these goals. Here’s what I didn’t know that came with the package: Cindy as my marketing coach.

Cindy listened for the authentic me – and then formed it into words.  Then she pulled, persuaded and cajoled me into new places so that clients would see me – know me – choose me – if we were the right fit together.

I took some work. I chickened out numerous times – so much change….But Cindy’s positive energy is positively contagious. It’s impossible to get stuck in the weeks with her because she’s fun – and very funny, making everything lighter and easier.  Laughter is part of Cindy’s secret sauce.

She’s also fantastic writer and OMG the beauty she creates on a website. She took the muddle of ideas in my mind and made them concrete and assessable.

Like any good coach, no question, no concern, is too big or too small for Cindy.  She’s genuinely interested, commitment and devoted to your success – to my success.

I have a quote in my bathroom: Leap and the Net will appear. We entrepreneurs understand this well! Cindy will guide you through the leap to a new you with your social media presence, and she’ll also be the net to catch your every detail and every need.

I recommend Cindy to absolutely every committed entrepreneur ready to take the next steps.

How the magic happens

Uncovering your Purpose

I often find people are stuck, because they aren’t really doing what they love.  They are in the grind, hating Mondays.  I help them uncover their true purpose and help them decide if where they are is truly the right place.

Uncovering your 2.0

Perhaps you’ve uncovered your true purpose and now need to figure out how to use it, monetize it and expand upon it!  I call that “uncovering your 2.0 – your “what’s next”!


Does Shiny Object Syndrome ring a bell?  I will help you stay on task, gain clarity on where the priorities are, and drill down deep on where you need to go next.  I can work in person or virtually – it’s all up to you!

Let’s work together

Am I the right fit for you?

My sweet spot is working with leaders and entrepreneurs – those who are looking for a change, are open to constructive mentoring and who love the idea of working with someone who’s been down the path they desire.

Our First Meeting

Our first meeting usually takes 2 or maybe 3 hours.  I need to get to know each other, figure out goals, game plans, and to really make sure we are a 100% fit – match made in heaven type fit.  After that – I go back to my office and craft together a strategy for our engagement.

Ongoing Work with You

After our first meeting, I will determine the cadence of our work together.  Depending on what you have on your “OMG, I need to do this list” – I may decide that weekly or bi-weekly meetings will be more effective than monthly. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to mentoring.


What is it like day in and day out?  How to achieve work/life balance and honor self care?  How the hell do you get it all done AND have a life?

Grab your favorite beverage and have a listen…

Great conversations with entrepreneurs about the wins, the fails, and everything in between. 

Client Journeys and Stories

Deep Insights. Raw Authenticity. Total Transparency.

If you need a little inspiration or nudge in the right direction…

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