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Personalize your Marketing efforts

Everyone (well, most people) wants to be noticed, loved, accepted and validated. It’s human nature.  So many marketing efforts forget this very important fact when they are building out their strategies and campaigns. Put YOURSELF into your CUSTOMERS and PROSPECTS shoes.  It’s the Golden Rule – do unto others.  When clients ask me if something […]

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Email in Her Forties and Going Strong

In 2018, marketing email celebrated a 40 year anniversary – crazy to think this was happening when I was in high school – but it was!  The first mass email was sent in 1978 by Gary Thuerk of Digital Equipment Corporation to 400 potential clients. Mr. Thuerk claims that email resulted in $13 million worth […]

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Marketing 101 – Why Authenticity wins the game every time

Whether you are offering a service or selling a product, at the end of the day your buyers don’t want to be “marketed to”, they don’t want to be told what they should buy.  What they want is an emotional relationship that makes them feel good about the decisions they are making. If you want […]

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How crazy S*** sells

Lately it’s the damn fidget spinners. You see them everywhere. I don’t own one, and correct me if I’m wrong here but I believe the intent was to help children/adults who suffer from ADD and ADHD – or those who tend to fidget, focus on something thereby alleviating their antsy-ness. Seems logical. Instead it is […]