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How to do Social Media the Right Way

When you think about posting on your business social media pages, do you start to panic, feel overwhelmed, and just feel all around uncertainty about what the heck you are even doing? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. The funny thing is, social media for personal use can be fun, informative, and doesn’t require much effort […]

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The Power of your Net Promoter Score!

For those who don’t know, Net Promoter Score ®, or NPS ®, measures your customer’s experience, how likely they are to refer people to you, and predicts business growth. You’ve probably even provided information for this business metric without even realizing it during a survey response. How is the Net Promoter Score calculated? The NPS […]

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John Stankiewicz talks about building a sales organization with 1000s of distributors

John Stankiewicz is an Author, Business Strategy & Mindset Coach, and Network Marketer with 8 years of experience. He has built a sales organization of thousands of distributors that has done over seven-figures in product sales. He has also been a Worldwide Top-Ten Income Earner in his company for ages 25 & under for three […]

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Improve your sales skills even if you aren’t in sales

Sales, regardless if you are an actual salesperson or not, is just part of life and your career. Sales doesn’t always mean selling a product or service to a customer, in fact, you are probably giving sales pitches just about every day. That’s right, every time you pitch an idea, make a suggestion, or even […]

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Art Mulligan of Senior Advocate Services

On today’s episode of Entrepreneur Masters, we talk to Art Mulligan of Senior Advocate Services – – ” Advocating for You” in assisting Families with Healthcare choices for parents. (Assisted Living Communities, Nursing Home Comparisons or continuing to live at Home.) Senior Advocate Services is a Lifestyle Benefit that can assist employees with understanding […]

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Jennifer LaBonte Founder of The Lifting Unicorn

Jennifer LaBonte,  Founder of The Lifting Unicorn is a Body Positivity Coach helping men and women feel good about their body and their wellness journey. She demystifies the gym experience for her clients, introduces them to the power of mindfulness and is often heard saying “You can’t hate yourself into a better version of yourself”. In […]

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Michael Freeman, Founder of Grind Over Matter, Certified Personal Trainer

Michael Freeman  is the Founder of Grind Over Matter, Certified Personal Trainer, new Dad, Husband, and Podcaster. As of this recording, Michael works for a large health insurer while building his Side Hustle – his goal is to bring his dream to full time status. What impressed us about Michael is his grit and passion to […]

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Peter Van Aartrijk, CEO of Aartrijk and Author

Peter Van Aartrijk is the Founder and CEO of The Aartrijk Group and Co-Author of The Powers: 10 Factors for Building an Exponentially More Powerful Brand”.  Peter is also the principal of brand/culture strategy firm Chromium, with specialties in insurance, financial services, and trade/member organizations. He’s appeared on CNN, CNBC, Fox and other networks, and also […]