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How to Get the BEST Clients

This month in our private  “The Thursday Club” we are diving into the Law of Attraction – think friends, clients, acquaintances, etc..  What you put forth, you attract. What you say, you become. I’m coaching on how to create a personal brand that attracts the right people and clients into their inner circle.  Because you […]

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How to take time off from your small business during the holidays!

Depending on the type of business that you run, your business can either be super crazy during the holidays, think retail, or it could experience a bit of a lull. Many service providers, especially small businesses, often see a drop in business during the holidays. But just your potential buyers have checked out and gone […]

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No sales team – no problem. How to increase your sales without a sales team

When you own a small business, you may not have resources available to hire a dedicated sales person, but you still need to make sales, right? When sales are your goal but not necessarily your specialty, you need to make sure every lead, every prospect counts. That one missed sale could really affect your bottom […]

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It’s 2018 – why aren’t you using email marketing!

I’m sure we’ve written several blogs, emails, social media posts, and talked about the importance of email marketing, but it’s 2018 and there are still people who aren’t taking advantage of the amazingness of it so, it’s time to share some remarkable statistics with you. The return on investment is MASSIVE! There are many reasons […]

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Why your current employer could be you #1 Customer

One of the biggest roadblocks for many “Want-trapreneurs” looking to launch a service based business (or any type of business for that matter) is maintaining their current income base.   It’s hard to leave the security of a guaranteed salary, health insurance, paid vacations and the almighty 401K, I get it – I’ve been there. When […]

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Marketing – it’s a TEAM effort!

As the saying goes – there is no “I” in TEAM. I wish the word Marketing didn’t have an “I” in it so I could carry the saying over – but I think you know where I’m going here.  You can spell team using the letters in Marketing though! Marketing is a TEAM effort – […]

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Client retention issues? I bet I know why.

I often get calls from business owners telling me they need marketing because their sales have “dipped”.   I dig a bit deeper asking questions about why they think revenue and retention have dropped.  I get the following: My competition is eating me a live I need better employees My customers don’t value me like they […]

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Working from the Road – Remotely!

I’m penning this article while sitting riding in my RV through the hills of West Virginia enroute to Kentucky. I’ve created a work scenario for myself that allows for this type of flexibility. “Back in the day”, very few people could work remotely unless they were writers and had typewriters, a travel luxury. Today, more […]

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Is Work and Life Balance Really Achievable?

Here at Red Barn Consulting, we absolutely love our jobs — What could be better than working with fantastic clients, building a team of fearsomely good people, and sharing what makes your business brilliant with the world? But, even we know you can have too much of a good thing. It’s why there’s no end […]