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Solopreneur or Entrepreneur – what’s the difference?

When you hear about people starting their own business, they are often referred to as an entrepreneur. But there’s another term that although it’s not new, it’s become more popular as of late – solopreneur. Many entrepreneurs start out as solopreneurs, meaning they are the only “employee” of the company, but if you plan on […]

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Not ready for retirement? Maybe it’s time to start a consulting or coaching business

Starting your own business isn’t exactly for the faint of heart, but with so many talented executives trying to figure out what’s next – for many the next logical step is to join the world of Entrepreneurship. We’ve been doing a ton of research lately on what is holding people back from starting their own […]

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From Employee to Consultant – the Transition

There is so much damn talent in the Boomer pool.  As part of that generation, I’m continually fascinated by the number of us who have zero interest in really retiring.  Sure, most want to get out of the structure and politics of Corporate USA, but they aren’t ready to drive a golf cart around the […]

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The Consultant Gig – can you make it happen?

Lately, I’ve been chatting with more than one “Mid-Life Re-brander” – those who have lived in Corporate America for a bit, gained a ton of knowledge and skills, and now in their 50’s and 60’s wants to leave and become a consultant. The reality is, most won’t do it because it’s tough and scary leaving […]