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How’s your Customer’s Experience?

Ah, the customer experience. When you are the customer, it’s very easy to describe your experience with a business – what you liked, what you didn’t like, what you wish they did differently or did more of – the list goes on. However, as a business owner or employee – trying to figure out your […]

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Marketing Trends 2020 – customer experience

What we do as an industry has dramatically changed over the past decade.  We’ve shifted from trying to convince people to buy, to do, to act, to honing in on our customer’s journey and customer experience. CX will rule Marketing and Advertising in the next decade. The Customer Experience (CX) is king. People no longer […]

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Should you use Email Automation?

There is a big difference between having an email marketing program and having an AUTOMATED email marketing program. The word “Automation” tends to send people into the panic zone – conjuring up visions of AI, robots, machines, “Danger Will Robinson” and the like. Well, indeed it’s a bit computer geeky to set up the email […]

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The Digital Insurance Agent – yes, we are still talking about this

The Independent Insurance Agency world is still behind the 8-Ball when it comes to digital marketing. I’m not here to tell you that you should do it – because hopefully by now you know that. What I do want to share is what I’m seeing out there in the real world, and if you are […]

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Understanding Your Customer’s Journey

Any good marketing whiz will tell you that one of the most important parts of effective targeting is knowing your consumer inside and out. We’re talking more than their household income and gender. Truly knowing your consumer means you’re privy to everything from what their favorite drink at Starbucks may be to what their morning […]