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Email Marketing: When the Opens are FALLING – Do THIS

I’ve been an email marketer since the beginning of email marketing.  It’s just my jam.  I love writing, I love getting instant feedback – and yea, I’m not going to lie, I love seeing open rates in the 30’s and 40’s. And then came Covid.  Everyone was Zoomed out and Emailed out.  There was very […]

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The power of your LIST

It’s no secret that Team Red Barn is Pro Email Marketing.  The bang for your ROI buck is huge compared to other advertising and customer engagement methods.  It is all about the POWER of your LIST.  The more targeted, the more engaged, the higher that ROI will be. The biggest question I often get is […]

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Email in Her Forties and Going Strong

In 2018, marketing email celebrated a 40 year anniversary – crazy to think this was happening when I was in high school – but it was!  The first mass email was sent in 1978 by Gary Thuerk of Digital Equipment Corporation to 400 potential clients. Mr. Thuerk claims that email resulted in $13 million worth […]

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Never have I EVER…. Automation!

It seems like lately technology has gone into hyper drive when it comes to marketing and sales – even life itself.  Chatbots, Artificial intelligence, Alexa, Drones…and even in the world of marketing: Automation.  I’m old school and tend to not be an early adopter of automation.  I had a paper calendar up until 3 years […]

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Creating New Banking Customers – The Art of the Email Drip

If you oversee the marketing or sales for a bank or credit union, you’ve probably placed your fair share of ads in local newspapers, had some promotions on the local radio show, and launched a fabulous Facebook page. Hopefully, you’ve gotten some feedback, adjusted your strategy, and carried on. One marketing avenue you might have […]