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Email Marketing: When the Opens are FALLING – Do THIS

I’ve been an email marketer since the beginning of email marketing.  It’s just my jam.  I love writing, I love getting instant feedback – and yea, I’m not going to lie, I love seeing open rates in the 30’s and 40’s. And then came Covid.  Everyone was Zoomed out and Emailed out.  There was very […]

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Size…Really Doesn’t Matter

What size should my content be? How long should a Blog be – what about White Papers? How long should my email copy be?  How often should I send them? The answer is – there isn’t an answer.  Size and quantity IMHO don’t matter – QUALITY does. My email subscribers get at a minimum of […]

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Creating New Banking Customers – The Art of the Email Drip

If you oversee the marketing or sales for a bank or credit union, you’ve probably placed your fair share of ads in local newspapers, had some promotions on the local radio show, and launched a fabulous Facebook page. Hopefully, you’ve gotten some feedback, adjusted your strategy, and carried on. One marketing avenue you might have […]