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How to Tell if You are Getting Sincere Feedback

Asking for feedback is a pretty normal part of life, right? You ask for people’s opinions all the time: Do they like a new recipe you made, do they like this color paint for the living room, does this new shirt make you look fat?, etc. Do you always get the truth… maybe not? In […]

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How to handle a Bad Review or Post on Social Media

Working your brand on social media is GREAT until it isn’t – ugh, a bad review comes in. As business owners we are all human, which means we make mistakes.  Perhaps we were late delivering on a promise, or a job we promised to be perfect ended up taking a wrong turn or we have […]

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Market Research 101

Just because YOU think your business idea, product or service is brilliant and worth a gazillion dollars doesn’t mean the rest of the world will.  The sad truth it, something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it.  Ask any Real Estate agent – they deal with this on a daily […]