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Lizard brains, values, trust, and the awesomeness of being you

Starting a business is one of the most awesome things you can do. You’re making something out of nothing, building new products and services that are going to improve people’s lives, and creating jobs for people who’ll support your vision. It’s like magic — There was nothing before, and now there’s a living, breathing entity, […]

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Community outreach — How your bank can make a big impact (and get more customers)

With so much emphasis on online marketing and digital advertising, it’s easy to forget that one of the most powerful ways a bank or credit union can reach people is in the real world. We’re not talking about TV, radio, or print ads (although they can help) — We’re thinking of something a bit more […]

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Urgent Care Centers and Protecting Your Practice’s Bottom Line

When a new urgent care facility opens up around the corner, should you begin to worry about patient retention and reduced profits? Perhaps. Anything that impacts your medical practice’s bottom line could ultimately compromise your patient satisfaction due to reduced staffing, fewer services, reduced hours and more. I’m sure none of this is shocking news […]

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The Gentle Art of Insurance Referral Marketing

There’s a powerful force we instinctively use every day when we make decisions. It’s a force that business marketers want to tap into, because it can create powerful, profound results — And it’s a force you can take advantage of when it comes to selling insurance. What is that force? One simple word — Trust. […]

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Healthy Technology — How It Helps Healthcare Providers and Customers Thrive

The pace of technological change can leave you breathless, and not because you need to go to the doctor. In fact, as technology makes our lives easier, it’s expanding into every industry — One where it’s having a profound impact is in healthcare. It’s easy to see why. Faster, better access to medical information, apps […]

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Why You Should Be Using Drip Campaigns

When someone subscribes to your email list, it’s important to capture their newfound interest by making a strong connection. The best marketers use drip campaigns to quickly interact with new fans in a short period of time. A drip campaign is an automated series of emails sent to your subscribers. The emails are sent on […]

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Banks and the social media compliance debate

We work with several financial institutions, and we know that one of their main concerns is compliance – How do you make sure that what you’re saying in your Facebook or Twitter feeds meets all of the rules, regulations, and guidelines of the financial industry? Compliance can be a headache, but that shouldn’t stop you […]

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How to Get New Bank Customers with Beautiful Content like Blogging

We all know that switching to a new bank can be…well, painful. The more accounts you have, and the more you automate the banking experience, the higher your retention rate. That’s great for your existing customers, but it doesn’t help when it comes to attracting new people to your business. Most banks offer similar products […]

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6 Steps to Creating an Effective Marketing Strategy

Winging it just doesn’t work when it comes to marketing – ever. You need a strategy, one that is well thought out and you need an action plan. That means you can’t just say – yea, I’m going to toss some posts up on Facebook, pay for a couple ads in the newspaper and hope […]