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How to handle a Bad Review or Post on Social Media

Working your brand on social media is GREAT until it isn’t – ugh, a bad review comes in. As business owners we are all human, which means we make mistakes.  Perhaps we were late delivering on a promise, or a job we promised to be perfect ended up taking a wrong turn or we have […]

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It’s time to lose the Dead Weight!

You’ve heard of a detox before – whether it’s a diet, cutting yourself off from bad habits, or a break from technology and the black hole of the digital world – but have you considered doing a detox to rid your life from negative vibes and the people who cause them? You’ve probably become so […]

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Devil’s Advocate – Why You Need One

You might think that a Devil’s Advocate is a bad thing, but it’s one of the best things for your business. Let me explain. Scenario: A new project or service is being developed and a core group of people are going to be working on it. Sometimes the idea is the brainchild of a boss […]