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Stop asking “what do you do?” – ask this instead…

It seems like every time you meet someone new at a networking event, social gathering, or via an acquaintance the first question people ask, besides the standard “how are you”, is “what do you do?” For some reason I’ve always hated this question. I think it started back when I worked for a manufacturing company […]

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No sales team – no problem. How to increase your sales without a sales team

When you own a small business, you may not have resources available to hire a dedicated sales person, but you still need to make sales, right? When sales are your goal but not necessarily your specialty, you need to make sure every lead, every prospect counts. That one missed sale could really affect your bottom […]

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Is Face to Face Networking a thing of the Past?

I’m a huge fan of social networking and platforms such as LinkedIn to make new business connections and garner new clients. The internet has shortened my sales cycles, opened me up to opportunities I once would never had – but what about old school connecting?  Has face to face  – “Hey, let’s meet for a […]

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Never have I EVER…. Automation!

It seems like lately technology has gone into hyper drive when it comes to marketing and sales – even life itself.  Chatbots, Artificial intelligence, Alexa, Drones…and even in the world of marketing: Automation.  I’m old school and tend to not be an early adopter of automation.  I had a paper calendar up until 3 years […]

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Secrets to building your health care practice…

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to organically build your healthcare practice. People are naturally cautious about who they share their medical needs with, and getting recommendations from friends and family helps to build trust. The problem is, word of mouth has diminishing returns. You can build up a stellar reputation as […]