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The Power of Flexible Work Schedules

At the Red Barn, we have a standard 8-4 schedule, but we still consider it a flexible work schedule – meaning Jenn and I will typically log in to Skype around 8 am EST to connect and Jenn usually checks out around 4 pm to head to the gym but that’s about as structured as […]

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Social Media – Quality vs. Quantity

Does even thinking about posting to social media stress you out? How many times to post, what to post, when to post, etc.? Are you putting content out just for the sake of putting content out on social media? Are your followers just not engaging and your audience isn’t growing? When it comes to social […]

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Marketing Trends 2020 – customer experience

What we do as an industry has dramatically changed over the past decade.  We’ve shifted from trying to convince people to buy, to do, to act, to honing in on our customer’s journey and customer experience. CX will rule Marketing and Advertising in the next decade. The Customer Experience (CX) is king. People no longer […]

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Why Collaboration is EVERYTHING

I learned very early in my career that finding a mentor is key to success – learn from others who have been down the path you want to go.  I also learned that being a mentor to others is not only gratifying it’s important to the success life cycle. So what does that have to […]

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Bryan Gross and Myra Quick talk college grads and entering the workforce

Bryan Gross, VP for Enrollment Management and Marketing at Western New England University, and Myra Quick, Founder and CEO of  Fast Forward Learning and Development and the creator of the Mastermind Program Crosswalk Coalition, talk about student readiness when it comes to heading out into the real world and getting their first jobs. Do students […]

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Art Mulligan of Senior Advocate Services

On today’s episode of Entrepreneur Masters, we talk to Art Mulligan of Senior Advocate Services – – ” Advocating for You” in assisting Families with Healthcare choices for parents. (Assisted Living Communities, Nursing Home Comparisons or continuing to live at Home.) Senior Advocate Services is a Lifestyle Benefit that can assist employees with understanding […]

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The great website debate

We’ve been doing a ton of websites lately and talking to even more people about the types of websites they need, how to access the back end of them, and basically the process of building a website. I’ve seen so many companies bamboozled by people who take advantage of the unknowing and the website naïve. […]