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[ThursdayClub] RVLife – The Transition

Good morning from Traverse City, Michigan! Tomorrow we pack up and leave to boondock for a day – that’s living off-grid in RV slang – because the campground we are in has no openings.  Not sure where we will park it for the night, but that’s part of the adventure.  Then, we will come back […]

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How to Get the BEST Clients

This month in our private  “The Thursday Club” we are diving into the Law of Attraction – think friends, clients, acquaintances, etc..  What you put forth, you attract. What you say, you become. I’m coaching on how to create a personal brand that attracts the right people and clients into their inner circle.  Because you […]

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Working from the Road – Remotely!

I’m penning this article while sitting riding in my RV through the hills of West Virginia enroute to Kentucky. I’ve created a work scenario for myself that allows for this type of flexibility. “Back in the day”, very few people could work remotely unless they were writers and had typewriters, a travel luxury. Today, more […]