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Improve your sales skills even if you aren’t in sales

Sales, regardless if you are an actual salesperson or not, is just part of life and your career. Sales doesn’t always mean selling a product or service to a customer, in fact, you are probably giving sales pitches just about every day. That’s right, every time you pitch an idea, make a suggestion, or even […]

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John Vuong of Local SEO Search Inc. talks hard work, sales, and being an entrepreneur

John is a seasoned sales professional and Internet marketer with an exceptional track record helping companies grow their clientele and profits. Through 15 years of experience working with CEOs, business owners, and marketing leaders at some of Canada’s most successful corporations, John developed a deep understanding of local marketing dynamics and consumer behaviour. John’s entrepreneurial […]

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Social Media – Quality vs. Quantity

Does even thinking about posting to social media stress you out? How many times to post, what to post, when to post, etc.? Are you putting content out just for the sake of putting content out on social media? Are your followers just not engaging and your audience isn’t growing? When it comes to social […]

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Marketing Trends 2020 – customer experience

What we do as an industry has dramatically changed over the past decade.  We’ve shifted from trying to convince people to buy, to do, to act, to honing in on our customer’s journey and customer experience. CX will rule Marketing and Advertising in the next decade. The Customer Experience (CX) is king. People no longer […]

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Is Network Marketing “REAL BUSINESS” and why it matters

If you are making money – the answer is YES.     I think there is a stigma around the MLM (Multi Level Marketing) that’s not always warranted.  The visions of Ponzi pyramid schemes runs through people’s minds and all of a sudden one’s spidey senses are in hyper-drive at the mention of “joining the cult”.     Here’s my $.02.  […]

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How to take time off from your small business during the holidays!

Depending on the type of business that you run, your business can either be super crazy during the holidays, think retail, or it could experience a bit of a lull. Many service providers, especially small businesses, often see a drop in business during the holidays. But just your potential buyers have checked out and gone […]

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No sales team – no problem. How to increase your sales without a sales team

When you own a small business, you may not have resources available to hire a dedicated sales person, but you still need to make sales, right? When sales are your goal but not necessarily your specialty, you need to make sure every lead, every prospect counts. That one missed sale could really affect your bottom […]