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Improve your sales skills even if you aren’t in sales

Sales, regardless if you are an actual salesperson or not, is just part of life and your career. Sales doesn’t always mean selling a product or service to a customer, in fact, you are probably giving sales pitches just about every day. That’s right, every time you pitch an idea, make a suggestion, or even […]

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From Employee to Consultant – the Transition

There is so much damn talent in the Boomer pool.  As part of that generation, I’m continually fascinated by the number of us who have zero interest in really retiring.  Sure, most want to get out of the structure and politics of Corporate USA, but they aren’t ready to drive a golf cart around the […]

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No sales team – no problem. How to increase your sales without a sales team

When you own a small business, you may not have resources available to hire a dedicated sales person, but you still need to make sales, right? When sales are your goal but not necessarily your specialty, you need to make sure every lead, every prospect counts. That one missed sale could really affect your bottom […]