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Solopreneur or Entrepreneur – what’s the difference?

When you hear about people starting their own business, they are often referred to as an entrepreneur. But there’s another term that although it’s not new, it’s become more popular as of late – solopreneur. Many entrepreneurs start out as solopreneurs, meaning they are the only “employee” of the company, but if you plan on […]

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Not ready for retirement? Maybe it’s time to start a consulting or coaching business

Starting your own business isn’t exactly for the faint of heart, but with so many talented executives trying to figure out what’s next – for many the next logical step is to join the world of Entrepreneurship. We’ve been doing a ton of research lately on what is holding people back from starting their own […]

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From the 9-5 Grind to Consultant – How do you know when the time is right?

I’ve met so many people who are frustrated and unhappy in their jobs/careers and they long to be their own boss. Sunday anxiety, Monday morning blues and Friday euphoria are the norms.  Sadly only a minute few will ever take the steps to get to the holy land of Entrepreneurship. When I ask “Why?”, I […]

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The Post Retirement Entrepreneur

“I’m ready to retire, but not ready to stop working, stop using my brain, stop… doing.” When you have spent most of your life in Corporate America – leading teams, driving change, mentoring generations – retiring to Boca or moving to the Villages isn’t always an easy transition for some. In fact, many recent retired […]

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Insuretech: Virtual Property Claims Management in the P&C Space. Win/Win for Carriers, Agents and Insureds

Insuretech surely isn’t a new buzz word, but it is ever evolving.  From digital agency management systems to sales platforms and claims management – the P&C industry is slowly embracing the wonders of technology.  Albeit far slower than other industries. When it comes to claims management, specifically in the property space, many carriers are heavily […]

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Entrepreneurs need Alfred

[NEWSFLASH] Not all Entrepreneurs make great CEOs and not all CEOs are great Entrepreneurs. People confuse the two titles a lot because in the small business and even in the middle market world the CEO and the Entrepreneur (Founder) are one in the same – but it’s a tricky and often tumultuous road.In fact, most […]

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Side Hustle Nation – Take the Leap!

In our program the Business Success Network, we love working with Side Hustlers – people who are working their dream gig on the side while holding down a full-time gig that they greatly dislike. (Trying to avoid words like Hate – they just don’t serve me) If you are SERIOUS about making your Side Hustle […]

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Ready to be an entrepreneur? Only if you can answer these questions

You’re a wide-eyed entrepreneur, dreaming of the next big idea and how it’s going to change the world. And you could be right — Perhaps you’ve got the genesis of the next Facebook, Apple, or Tesla in the back of your mind. Don’t be fooled though, being an entrepreneur is tough — It’s not just […]