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Why you should STOP copying your competition

The old saying goes “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, but when it comes to your marketing, it’s just NOT a good idea. For centuries, we’ve been using other’s ideas, creative, and art as inspiration for our own work – and that’s fine if it’s used to spark ideas of your own. BUT if […]

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The power of your LIST

It’s no secret that Team Red Barn is Pro Email Marketing.  The bang for your ROI buck is huge compared to other advertising and customer engagement methods.  It is all about the POWER of your LIST.  The more targeted, the more engaged, the higher that ROI will be. The biggest question I often get is […]

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Personalize your Marketing efforts

Everyone (well, most people) wants to be noticed, loved, accepted and validated. It’s human nature.  So many marketing efforts forget this very important fact when they are building out their strategies and campaigns. Put YOURSELF into your CUSTOMERS and PROSPECTS shoes.  It’s the Golden Rule – do unto others.  When clients ask me if something […]

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Why You Need Red Barn Consulting to Get Your Banking Website ADA Compliant

You know, when it comes to ADA compliance, you can’t afford to take any chances. If you’re in the banking world, you know how important it is to dot the i’s, cross the t’s, and make sure everything is in order. What you might not know is there’s something big coming down the pipe — Americans […]

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The Department of Justice is looking at your website – are you ADA compliant?

Compliance. It’s a word that finance managers are all too familiar with. We know it might cause a slight sinking feeling, but compliance guidelines exist to protect everyone — You and your customers. That’s why it’s vital to understand the impact and implications of the new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines issued by the […]

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Getting Your Banking Website ADA Compliant – What Does It Take?

As we covered in our last article, getting your website ADA compliant by 2018 is critical if you want to avoid problems (read; big, big problems) from the Department of Justice. Here’s a quick refresher. Essentially, the DOJ wants all banking websites to be fully accessible for visual and hearing impaired people by 2018. If […]