I’m even keeled, extremely patient and I’m the calm at Red Barn.  Let’s be honest – when you are surrounded by a bunch of creative women you kind of have to be like me.  Some call me a pragmatist – O.K, I do avoid gray areas and really love Yes or No, Black or White, “0” and/or “1” ( a little computer humor).  If there is a Zombie Apocalypse you want me in your corner – no drama, just planning and action.

By trade I’m a software engineer – I spent some years working in corporate than had my own firm for about 18 years.  It was always my goal to escape by the time I was fifty – no more constraints to an office.  I was able to make that happen – not that i’m retired, I’m just “flexible and mobile” in our RV.  The plan is to travel the US, explore all the great National Parks (every one!), uncover every oddity such as the “String Museum” and because Cindy is a foodie – we will have to chase down all the “Diners, Drive-ins & Dives” along the way.

Training for one of our half marathons!

As you’ve guessed I’m Cindy’s better half (her words not mine).  I’m the “helper” the “guider” and the “quiet one”.  Outside of wandering the globe I have a penchant for building things and tinkering – I would love to build a house from the ground up – make it completely sustainable – water power and all.  I’ve been given the go ahead as long as Cindy has the RV to stay in while I build my masterpiece – her lack of patience and building a house just don’t go together.  For me that would be the ultimate project.  I’m also a runner, a BBQ & Dehydrator man and I’ve been known to tinker making my own bacon, raisins and i’m quite famous for my “chicken pit”.

At Red Barn I help out with big web projects or fix what Cindy & Jenn break 🙂 – I also have my own company Archigos where I work on more technical engineering projects, big database work and my own development projects – I’m on a mission.