It really is the joke around the Red Barn – they call me the “Beast”.  Not because I’m a 10-foot yeti with wild hair and big teeth, it’s because I just get s*** done.  I’m a planner and a total deadline junkie. I love having everything charted out so I can prepare for the day, and know when I can kick back and relax. Procrastination – NOT MY THING.   it’s all about organizing – it makes me happy to  get a list of wants and needs together, organize the workload, and check off the boxes as they get completed and approved.  Can you say It’s 5-o’clock somewhere?Get out of my way if you are a straggler….I will hound you.  Let’s be honest – I’m surrounded by a bunch of creative people – ideas are bouncing off walls.  Without me to reign them in…God only knows what would happen.  Get this – I get yelled at by my boss for working too much.  If she sends me an email on a Sunday afternoon (she works too much) – I need to answer it.  I don’t like a  Monday morning mailbox brimming over with “stuff”.  She also makes me take all my vacation time – I know, tough life I have here.

Where we come from defines who we are

My Mom is my role model and mentor.  She taught me all my “Beast Tactics”.   Ok – need to be honest here for a minute –  I run everything by my Mom before any big decisions and look to her for advice.  But…I don’t always take it.  I guess there’s a little bit of a rebel in me.  She seems to always smile, shake her head and then gets behind me 100%.  Funny thing – sometimes I feel like my Mom at the Red Barn – advising, guiding, fixing. It’s in our blood and that’s a good thing.  Because we get s*** done!

Jenn Donovan Operations Consultant in Connecticut-In a Hammock Lifting Weights


I’m not a corporate girl, not a suit in my closet– I’m laid back – jeans and a t-shirt – the Red Barn dress code on most days. I’ve always felt like I didn’t quite fit into the  9-5 structure, and working at the Red Barn has confirmed that. Can we talk about flexibility?  Not the yoga type – I don’t have the patience for that – but the work type.   My dogs – aka my best buds – love having me around.  German shepherds – overgrown babies – attached to my hip. You know the type.  I can actually stop what I’m doing when I want – take the pups outside to play and clear out the brain fog .  Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make you the happiest.

Here’s a little secret about me:  I’m a  Total Harry Potter dork, I’ve read the series six times.  Don’t even ask me who my favorite character is or my favorite book – ok go ahead and ask me but be prepared for a serious deep dive into the secret wizarding world of Harry.  I love to read, it’s where I get lost.  It’s my escape.  It’s my Margaritaville.

Another interesting factoid- I had never been on an airplane until I was 28.  My Mom is afraid of flying so our vacations consisted of car trips within a 6-hour driving radius. The first time I flew – it sparked an immense urge to start traveling more. I want to fill my passport with stamps from everywhere.  Since I have to take all this vacation time – looks like I’ve chosen the right company to work for.

That’s who I am.  They call me the Beast.  I’m really just a dog loving, organized HP fan looking to make my mark in the wild and wooly world we call the Red Barn.  Thanks for reading!