I come across as classy, sassy and pretty in pink even as the CEO and Founder of Crimson Rook, LLC and also the Business Mechanic for Red Barn Consulting. For 30 years I served in executive positions in manufacturing and technical fields and did it wearing 4” heals with a flowered briefcase! With that background and pizazz, I combined talents with Cindy to help build Red Barn. We have big plans for its success and continue to build and nurture its brilliance! We’ve also taken our collaborative efforts to the outside world – helping clients fix their business ops issues (my role) and then rolling in the sales and marketing expertise from Red Barn.

Here’s what I do:

I specialize in helping businesses become scalable, sustainable and transferable. I know what distinguishes successful companies from those that struggle – it’s my gift of sorts. My accomplishments include being one of the first women to run manufacturing operations in Silicon Valley, serving as Senior Vice-President at Blue Arc, a $60M computer storage company in San Jose, CA. I serve as the Entrepreneur in Residence for the University of Connecticut’s Schools of Business and Engineering and as a board member of a regional non-profit supporting sustainable agriculture and economic development. As CEO of Crimson Rook, I have been a strategic advisor to more than forty companies over the years.

Robin Ann Bienemann Business Consultant in Connecticut-Enjoying Happy Hour

At Happy Hour with my best guy – Tom!

I am a creative and effective meddler

I’ve done this in the affairs of business and academia and have created alliances in both public and private companies and government that span domestic and international borders.

I am a bicoastal grandparent with the affectionate title of Grammie Bubbles. My skills beyond business include chemistry in the creative spirits department and singlehandedly providing the color pink its most deserved recognition.

I have received my BA from Springfield College and Masters of Science from MIT’s Sloan School of Management as a Sloan Fellow. The title of my Master’s thesis was “Entreprenurial Redeployment in Large Organizations.”