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Whether you’ve been on my email list from the beginning or recently joined, you probably learned pretty quickly that I have no problem sharing my wins, losses, struggles, and well, just about everything that happens or happened in my life.

I’m a firm believer in mentors – I know I shared my story in one of my emails about my first sales mentor – and in the power of collaborating with others. There is just something magical in learning and working with others. So I thought, why not dive deeper into my email topics and really share my knowledge, provide some accountability, and give my readers some of the tools and worksheets I use in my everyday life.

Do you want to be a part of my Thursday Club – join my tribe for only $19.99 per month or $199.00 per year.  We will learn, grow and have a hell of a lot of fun together!  Let’s Go!


Some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Determining your values and what drives you aka your WHY.  When you are clearly focused on your WHY – the road to getting where you want to go is far simpler.
  • The power of your personal brand. Learn how transparency and authenticity will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  Attract the right partners, friends, customers and lead a life that you were meant to lead.
  • The power of the planner.  How to map out your long term goals, monthly strategies and daily actions and also making the Crazy List and success road map.
  • Going beyond the uncomfortable zone.  Looking at your values and your WHY and combining it with you Crazy List – how to tackle things that you deem impossible.
  • Mindset – mastering the power of your mind.  Learn how to retrain your brain to focus on what you want versus what you do not have.  Gratitude journals and reframing exercises.
  • Let’s talk money.  Moving from limiting beliefs on money to having the income that will allow you the lifestyle you desire.
  • Check in and plotting the rest of the year.  Let’s examine where we are with our planners, our Crazy Lists and tying it back into our big picture wants and needs.
  • Be a top performer using tips from the High Performing Habits by Brendon Bruchard.  Top performers have a lot in common – they exercise, eat well, spend time on self care and take risks.  We will work through what being a top performer means to you and how you can build in some lifestyle changes to get you there.
  • The power of connection/collaboration.  No successful person ever does it a lone.  Learn how to maximize your network – Share your expertise and learn from others.  #GAMECHANGER
  • The power of serving.  How can you use your talents to serve others – this is a follow up on connection/collaboration – but taking it a step further.  When you adopt a lifestyle of serving – doors open that you never knew possible.
  • The Power of failing.  Successful and HAPPY people embrace failing as an opportunity to learn.  There are few regrets, just moving on.  Learn how to take calculated risks and be ok when they don’t pan out the way you thought.  PS – they rarely do!
  • Being comfortable with YOU.  Taking what you’ve learned in life and be crazy true to YOU.  Taking on that new goal, finding the new job, starting the new business – how to make it happen.

What’s included in the Thursday Club

Monthly Video Calls

Join me for a monthly video call as we diver deeper into each month’s topic, address some common questions or misconceptions, and give you some tips and tricks to use in real life. Can’t make it for the Live version? No worries, we record them all and post them in the membership site. Watch them Live, watch them the next day, or watch them a year from now when you need a refresher!

Weekly Emails

Do you love my Monday and Thursday Newsletters already but need some more accountability in your life and someone to keep you motivated? Challenge accepted (In my best Barney voice). You’ll get tips, resources, and advice delivered right to your inbox that will help you keep on track and hold you accountable for reaching any goals you might have. It’s like hand holding, but without the sweaty palms! 🙂


These worksheets are designed to help you with your personal branding, your WHY, time management, etc. – all the critical things I talk about in my emails, but never gave you the tools or details on how I do it myself. We’re throwing the “library” doors wide open and sharing some of our most powerful worksheet tools with you. BONUS: you get access to the archives no matter when you join.


Great conversations with entrepreneurs about the wins, the fails, and everything in between. 

What is it like day in and day out?  How to achieve work/life balance and honor self care?  How the hell do you get it all done AND have a life?

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