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I’m a self proclaimed personal development junkie.  I’m obsessed with learning why people do what they do.  What makes some people successful, while others struggle.  I’ve read hundreds of books, attended countless seminars, listened to hours of podcasts and webinars and have been mentored by some of the best.

I’m here to share with you.  Enjoy…grow…and have some fun.  Send out the Bat Signal if you need anything! Cindy

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  1. January 2022 - Becoming a Social Media Video Diva!

    I don’t know about you, but I’m super super stoked for 2022!  As mentioned last week, I’m giving my bullet journal another go and honoring My Three Words – Decloak, Commit & Celebrate. Stress the commit part.

    Sooooo for this January we are diving into the world of self-expression through video and social media.  Yep – we are doing reels, diving into TikTok and Facebook & Linkedin LIVES.

    I know – outside many of your comfort zones and although I’m 100% comfortable with a mic in my hand, I haven’t been consistent showing up and that’s part of my “Decloaking” – I’m taking off masks and regardless how I look, I’m doing 31 days of video starting January 1.

    Here are the rules if you choose to join me:

    1. Every day you have to do a video – it doesn’t have to be live, but you do have to post one on social media every single day!
    2. No scripting – as in you can’t read from a piece of paper – just TALK
    3. Be real – no getting dolled up, no makeup, no changing outfits – just 100% YOU
    4. Talk about your life – from what you are cooking, to what your kids are doing that is driving you nuts, to you latest shopping spree and everything in between

    The idea is to “come out of the closet” so to speak as the REAL YOU and share it with the world.

    What you put forth, you attract, and we want to surround ourselves with like-minded people.

    Nothing is off the table as far as content BUT it must be authentic and of course unscripted.

    I want to challenge you a bit further and post on a platform that you don’t normally post on – for me that’s TikTok. I’ll then share those videos on Instagram and Facebook – but they will originate on TikTok.

    Let’s go – be wild and free you crazy social influencer you!

  2. December 2021 – Bullet Journaling

    This month inside the Thursday Club we are diving into the art of Bullet Journaling – it’s a perfect next step if you enjoyed last month’s Journaling exercises.  This is my first foray into the world of bulleting, I’ve always been a traditional journaling gal – but I thought I would give this a try and why not bring you along with me!

    I have some very specific goals I want to accomplish, and for me, it’s all about making it visual, making it a game against myself, and of course rewarding myself for action.

    What makes Bullet Journaling different?

    It’s all about productivity, goal setting, and feeling accomplished, and aligning all of that with Purpose.

    Living a life on purpose versus just going through the motions – doing things that serve you and the greater good while getting the stuff done you need to in order to live your #LifeByDesign

    What you need:

    • A Bullet Journal. I actually bought the official one – you can grab them on Amazon HERE (affiliate link). You can also just purchase any journal that has dots versus lines.  The bonus with the official journal is the guided prompts, sections, and online tools to make it more fun!
    • Pen, markers – Like my journal, I’m making this an experience – and I like color. This is totally up to YOU how you visualize your journal. I have some finer point colored markers I use.
    • Stickers – for the artsy folks – you can use stickers to celebrate milestones, draw your eye in to specific goals, etc. **the official bullet journal comes with some stickers albeit quite boring, not sure I’ll use them.

    How it works:

    The official bullet journal is broken down into sections – again, you can make your own in any dotted journal.  The official process can be found on BulletJournal.com.  I spent some time going through it and pulled what I loved.

    1. Key – I’m not sure I’ll get this granular, but part of the proficiency factor is to have symbols that will easily show you what is a task, what’s completed, what is not, what’s an event, a note, etc. this may be stage 2 for me – but if you like this kind of detail go for it
    2. Intention – this part I LOVE! I did this for a year – my version of resolutions but better.  What are my intentions for this journal – what do I want it to do for me?
    3. Index – My journal has numbered pages, so in the index, I fill in where to find things.
    4. Future Log – this is kind of your year ahead – so not included in your monthly goals but upcoming things. Idea is to look here before you start each month.  I also included some of my BIG goals!
    5. Custom Goals/Lists
      1. In the front of mine, I have Weight Loss and drew boxes for each pound I want to lose. As I lose them, I’m coloring in the boxes.  I also have my rewards I’m giving myself as I go.
      2. I also have a workout journey – and I’m doing this by MONTH (add page numbers to index). I have a box for each day. I also am doing 5K a day – or 100 miles in a month so I have checkboxes for that as well.
      3. Health Journey – I want to log what I eat daily to be mindful – same with the water I’m drinking. Boxes for everything – visual to check things off.
    6. Journal – My daily journal will now be here. So the beginning of each month I have my above lists then my daily entries.
    7. Daily productivity – you can also use this as your “calendar or agenda” – I will add important items I want to accomplish – but I’m keeping a separate work calendar just because it will get too cluttered and I want my Bullet to be more of a personal thing versus work, but as I go I may change my mind! I may lose some productivity having 2 books, plus my Ipad for notes!!

    I started mine on 11/28 – and so far I’m having a blast!!

    Let’s get bulleting!

  3. November 2021 – Journaling and Writing for Personal Growth

    The written word is powerful – I’m not talking change the world powerful, I’m talking change yourself kind of powerful.

    This month inside the Thursday Club we are going to do some daily journaling.  Each week I will give you a set of 7 prompts to get you thinking but this journey is YOURS.

    Here are my rules of engagement to give you the best experience and to hopefully encourage you to make journaling a habit

    1. Buy a journal – something that you are drawn to. Some people use a laptop or iPad but the experience isn’t the same as taking pen to paper.
    2. Choose a time to commit – I tend to journal early in the morning or at the end of the day – or both.
    3. Find your “spot” – journaling in my humble opinion is a form of meditation. You turn off everything to focus internally. You want to journal in a place where you won’t be distracted.  This isn’t something you do while sitting on the couch while trying to wrangle a 2-year-old.
    4. Hiding spot. When I was a teen I had a hiding spot for my Diary – it made it secret, it made it mine, it made it special.  I still do that to this day with my journals – they have a hiding spot!
    5. Free flow your writing. Although I’ll give you prompts – you don’t have to follow them, I want you to free flow whatever is on your mind. The prompts are there to get you thinking, not force you to write about what I’m suggesting
    6. Be positive. It’s 100% OK to write about your struggles but don’t make your journals a bitch fest – if you are struggling with something – work out a solution on paper, prompt some positive action. Push yourself a bit outside your comfort zone and then the next day or days – write about how you handled it.

    Why it matters

    Journaling is empowering especially if you follow my “rules” above.  When you write down your struggles and suggested path beyond them, when you share your wins with yourself something changes inside of you.

    You go from victim to victor.


    1. Buy a journal
    2. Block your calendar
    3. Finding your hiding spot



  4. October 2021 – Presenting & Public Speaking

    On the inside this month, we are diving deep into how you present yourself, how you communicate with others, and why honing this skill set is so important. Let’s be honest – the fear of public speaking is up there with heading to the dentist to get a root canal – without Novocain.  Some people are natural on stage – give them a platform and a microphone and off they go.  Most, this is a learned skill and the only way to get better at it is to just do it Nike style.

    As always – the process of improving anything begins with some self-awareness.

    If you’ve ever had a presentation or a speaking engagement not go as you had hoped – and we all have – the secret is to figure out WHY and then simply learn from it.  You can’t dwell on it, you can’t avoid future engagements because of it and you surely can’t let it start the negative self-talk.

    Most of the less than stellar presentations are because of the following:

    1. You didn’t know the content well enough – you weren’t prepared. Audience members are like foxes, and they can sense a bleeding rabbit from miles away.  Lack of knowledge leads to lack of confidence and that will trickle down into a less than stellar performance.
    2. You didn’t psych yourself up before – the whole Jerry F***ing McGuire in the mirror act. Energy begets energy. If you want your audience to be energized, you need to be energized.
    3. You didn’t know your audience – I mean really know them. This goes with being prepared – but not about the subject matter, but about who you are speaking to.  What is the level of their knowledge on your topic?  Did you ask enough questions beforehand?
    4. You didn’t engage your audience. This doesn’t necessarily mean a Q&A – but you want your audience to feel like you are speaking directly to them and for them.  In the end – this isn’t about you, it’s about them.
    5. You didn’t watch the non-verbal cues. Be it in a board meeting or on a stage – if you see people looking at their phones, nodding off – you need to be able to shift quickly.
    6. You read off your PowerPoint versus using it as a backdrop. Nothing more to say about this one.
    7. You were a data dump – just ranting on about statistics or studies. No one wants to sit for that – they are looking for your point of view.
    8. You didn’t pause – but were Speedy Gonzales and droned on and on and on

    My guess is you’ve done a few of these – I know I have!  Good news is you can learn.  Over the next few weeks we are going to address:

    1. How to bring a 4th dimension to your presentations
    2. How to create a PPT if needed – that doesn’t put people to sleep.
    3. How to prepare for any presentation
    4. How to read your audience and quickly shift

    Hold on tight – this is going to be a great one!

  5. September 2021 – How to be more FOCUSED and Improve Productivity

    We all get 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week – so how is it that some people seem to accomplish a ton, while others struggle to check one thing off their to-do list.

    The secret is being FOCUSED.

    I’ve made it no secret that I have ADD.  I used to say I suffer from ADD but now I treat it like a superpower.  I can flit from one thing to another without blinking an eye, I can do a ton of things at once.  I can do all those things but without having FOCUS – I’m just a hot mess.  I’ve been compared to one of those inflated men with the waving arms you see at car dealers during a Labor Day blowout sale.

    Like anything in life – you focus on your strengths – triple down on them even AND you learn how to compensate for things that could hinder you from getting where you want to go.

    You don’t have to have ADD to follow my systems – in fact, they will help anyone who is struggling to get shit done.  Some of this you’ve heard me preach before, others perhaps not.  Take it all or use parts – in the end, you have to adopt a productivity system that works for you.

    Over the next month, we will dive into the following

    1. Understanding HOW you work best
    2. Creating a workflow system that aligns with YOU
    3. Creating goals, to-do lists, and being realistic about expectations
    4. The art of distractions – they can be good and bad when it comes to being focused

    Here’s what you’ll need and what you need to do

    1. A planner – be it paper or on a tablet – but you need one
    2. A list of all your OBLIGATIONS – non-negotiables and negotiables – meetings, family, church, hobbies, committees, gym, mediation, etc. When, where, and how much time – including travel time – make it detailed
    3. List of Goals that you’ve struggled to get started and or finish – and WHY (be honest) you struggled in the past

    See you on Friday for the first section – understanding HOW you work best.


  6. August 2021 – Nomadic Living

    As of this writing, my partner Dave and I have been living full-time in our 25 ft  Class C Tiffin Wayfarer RW for over 2 years.  It’s been a wild journey and we’re just getting started!  I often get asked “WHY?” and then the immediate follow-up question “HOW?” is a natural.  I thought I would take this month to dive into all the details of that Why and How to perhaps inspire a few of you to take the plunge, and for those of you who have told me more than once “I want to do what you do” – well here is your chance to learn from all of our wins and more importantly from all of our fails.   

    Our process took several years because we were fairly new to RV living – when we bought our first Newmar Baystar Class A  – 3312, a 35 FT “bus” that we purchased in 2005 to take a family trip to Canada.  We initially were going to rent one, and after chatting with a friend who at the time was a “full-timer” – he told us we might consider buying one because you can finance them for 20 years and the monthly payment would be quite inexpensive compared to what we would dump into renting one.  BTW – for 2 weeks going from CT to Canada – a Class A rental would have cost us almost 10K.  Yes – you read that right.   

    This began our journey into #RVLife – btw that’s the hashtag you’ll want to use on Instagram!   

    My first Tip: Try it before you go all in. 

    I’ve seen this all too often – people see all the “fun” on Instagram and Facebook of full-timers waking up to views of the Tetons while sipping their French roast coffee – but they don’t see all the other stuff that goes along with it. 

    Before you sell everything you own to go live full-time in a tiny house on wheels – you need to actually try it.  Rent or buy a used RV and actually live in it for an extended period – at least 2 weeks.  Trust me when I tell you – this will weed out the people who won’t make it.  If you are solo – you’ll know if you can hack it.  If you are with a partner, or with kids and pets – you’ll quickly learn if the tiny house on wheels living is realistic for your personality.  

    Still interested in learning the HOW of being a nomad and traveling the country?  Tune in each Friday as I’ll share  

    1.  How to buy your first RV and determining what’s the right one for you 
    2. How to budget – what to expect? 
    3. Should you sell your brick and mortar or rent and how to purge, purge, purge your belongings 
    4. How to work on the road 
    5. How to plan your travels
    6. The things no one tells you – the hard parts of living on the road full time

     Can’t wait to share my journey!! 

  7. July 2021 – Wealth & Entrepreneurship

    This month on the inside, we are diving all in on creating sustainable, residual wealth via one of my favorite pathways- Entrepreneurship.

    Can anyone be an entrepreneur?  Yes.

    Will everyone be successful at it?  No.  And it’s not for the lack of talent or even lack of a good idea, it’s lack of planning, lack of grit, and lack of willing to do the mundane.

    First I want you to read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki  (Affiliate Link) it’s one of the best reads when it comes to understanding the power of working for yourself and becoming an investor versus having a JOB. Below is his famed Cashflow quadrant – it’s a very simple diagram that shows the power of residual income.   Now I don’t agree with everything in this book, but there are a TON of great nuggets and it’s worth the read.

     Where are you? How do you make money?

    LEFTIES – The left side of the box. 

    People who reside on the left side of the box make up 95% of the population but only 5% of the wealth.  Let that sink in.

    E: You are an Employee, you have a J.O.B – or as many lovingly call it Just Over Broke.

    • You trade time for money and sure you may have some good benefits and a 401K with a match but most don’t have the luxury of pensions.
    • When you stop working, you stop earning.
    • You have zero control over how much you earn – even if you are in sales because at any point in time your “Boss” can change the rules or hey – even fire you.
    • When it comes to financial security this is the riskiest.

    S:  Self Employed – you work for yourself, and you OWN a J.O.B. so essentially you are still Just Over Broke

    • You are a solo-entrepreneur
    • Your income is directly related to the hours you put in – when you don’t work, you don’t get paid
    • You do it all

     RIGHTIES – The Right Side of the Box

    People who reside on the right side of the box account for only 5% of the population YET make up 95% of the wealth – let that doubly sink in!

    B: Business Owner – you run a company that has systems in place.

    • Your income does NOT depend on hours worked.
    • You leverage your team and their expertise to do the majority of the work.
    • You are the visionary, the leader versus the hands-on “doer”.
    • You’ve discovered the magic of residual income – having money flow in while you sleep.

     I: Investor – you make your money work for you

    •  You utilize other people’s money to make money – ie banks and other investors.
    • You understand that having 10% of a billion dollars is better than having 0% of $100,000
    • Your income does NOT depend on hours worked.
    • You’ve learned to take calculated risks in real estate (Note Mr. Kiyosaki doesn’t love real estate – but I do!) and the stock market

    If you want to obtain true FINANCIAL and TIME freedom – you should focus on the right side of the quadrant.

    How I’m doing it…

    I’ve worked hard at Red Barn to move from being self-employed to being a Business Owner.  I can take days, weeks, and even a month off and the company will run without a hitch because we’ve built systems and processes that make us efficient and provide me with residual income. I’m still building the company – my role is the chief visionary officer and I’m there to tell the story and attract new clients to the business.  Jenn manages day-to-day operations and the team.

    I also have my network marketing business with Isagenix.  This is a bit different than Red Barn in that I am a distributor for that company but I “own” my Isagenix business – the money flows through Red Barn Consulting.  Multi-Level Marketing companies or MLMs get a bad rap because there’s a lot of misinformation out there.  Like any type of wealth or business, only 1-5% of the people will reach the top – not because the business is faulty, it’s because most people aren’t willing to put the time and effort it.  Like Red Barn, I’m now building my systems and building my network so I can enjoy the residual income down the road.  It’s a 3-5 year-long game. The goal is to build this to a 7 figure income over that time.  The secret to being successful in an MLM is to do your homework and understand the compensation plans, work with a company that aligns with your vision and mission, has a solid business history and ethical ownership,  and you need to love the products and/or services.  I chose Isagenix because they offer consumable products that you can’t buy elsewhere.  As for the comp plan – it beats any I’ve seen out there and I’ve reviewed quite a few.

    Real Estate – The secret is of course buying low and selling high, flipping if you are good at it, and having rental properties.  If I weren’t on the road full time I would get my real estate license – but they are state specific, so it’s just not realistic at this time in my life.  Dave and I know how to rehab, know what to look for, and can do a lot of the work ourselves if we need to. The “Flipping” part is still a self-employed option unless you are hiring others to do it – so it’s more of a hobby for Dave than a business strategy!  Right now our goal is to buy properties that we can use as short-term rentals – AirBnB, VRBO, etc.  We are liquidating our long-term rentals to free up cash in order to do that.

    Investing – to be honest, this is more a Dave thing than a Cindy thing so I let him handle it.  My advice to you is to hire a great financial planner. I can refer you to one if you like.  Diving into the market when you don’t understand it is like going to the casino and just tossing your money on the craps table and walking away.

    Tune in each week as we work through the following

    1. How to determine if you’ve got what it takes to be an entrepreneur and if not – how can you switch your mindset to get there
    2. How to strategically leave your 9:5 and launch a business
    3. How to move from self-employed to Business Owner
    4. How to create a life by design – where you control your destiny

    It’s going to be a GREAT month!

  8. June 2021 – Finding your 2.0

    Have you ever wondered “what’s next”?

    If you quit your job/got fired/got laid off today – what would you do?   Especially if you didn’t “LOVE” said job.

    If you are retired or close to retirement (THIS GIRL!) – and you feel antsy, unfulfilled and feel there is something more – what does that “MORE” look like?

    Get ready because this month we are working through the process of finding Ikigai  – the Japanese process of finding our “Reason for Being”. GRAB the WORKSHEET HERE.

    Most people never reach find their Ikigai.

    They may find parts:

    • A fulfilling career that pays them well – but they never focus on their passion or purpose.
    • A soul-filled purpose; yet they are unable to financially support themselves
    • A great idea that the world NEEDS and would totally pay for -yet it remains in their head

    Each week we are going to tackle ONE Circle – and gain clarity.

    1. What do you LOVE to do
    2. What are you GOOD at
    3. What can you be PAID for
    4. What does the WORLD NEED that you can provide

    The magic is in the middle. And we are going to find yours.

    Gear up this month is going to be deeply thought-provoking and magical!  If you liked this process and what to seriously go BIG, surround yourself with like-minded people and make a bold move to ensure you live your true Ikigai self – Join the Courage Summit.  Trust me – I’ll get you there.  How? – I’ve done it myself; I know the roadblocks and how to break through.  It’s my passion, my purpose, it’s what I love to do, it’s what I’m good at and it’s what the world needs.  My Ikigai.

  9. May 2021 - Over Commit? Under Commit? Let’s find the balance!

    We all need to make sure our non-negotiable personal needs are met if we want to be happy, be successful and ultimately accomplish what we want in the world.

    This means understanding what those core needs are, who we want to be, what we want to accomplish.  This will allow us to make easier and quicker decisions – and helps us stop over committing and under committing!    You can dive back into the archives for tips and tricks on how to determine your purpose.

    Even after doing the hard work of finding “YOU” – you may still struggle with the commitment bus!

    We’ve all been there.  The Yes person – signing up for every volunteer job, every board opening, every ask by a friend or family member.  All’s great UNTIL you reach burnout level then you turn into a passive aggressive bitchy miserable person asking yourself “What the hell was I thinking”.   THEN…you feel guilty because you aren’t giving 100% to anyone, you feel like a failure and well…more misery.

    AND we’ve all been on the other side, we start a project and are all gung-ho about the possibilities.  Life gets in the way, or the going gets tough and we quit.  Maybe you have a ton of these unfinished projects or goals collecting dust in your basement, on your desk…in your soul.  You feel less than worthy, less than accomplished – hell you just feel shitty because you can’t commit to the long haul.

    Maybe you are a little of both?

    It sucks.  I know – been there done that.  Although I logically know how these scenarios will 100% play and I coach people on this ALL THE TIME…I still catch myself going to the dark side.

    Luckily I know the signs and can catch myself before it’s too late and I get to the hate me stage.

    This Month we are learning to balance our Commitment issues!

    Overcommitment – it’s about understanding TIME, NEEDS, WANTS, and PERSONAL FULFILLMENT.

    We all ONLY have 24 hours in a day. You can’t buy more time.  So if you add a task to the hours something needs to go.  Choose wisely.

    For those with children – this could be an example of the classic M-F.  Where most parents take away from is sleep. Trust me – this is the ONE place you want to keep sacred. You can’t serve from an empty cup.  When you start pulling away from sleep, your health is affected, your mood and the trickle-down effect sucks.

    Work:  8 hours

    Sleep:  8 hours (NON-NEGOTIABLE)

    Family time:  4 hours (family meals, activities, homework time – just being!)

    Personal me time: 4 hours (exercise, downtime, friend time, volunteering, etc.)

    If you don’t have children or family commitments – or if you are retired or work part-time or work more hours – this formula will change.  This all may seem simple but it’s CRITICAL to understand the 24-hour rule.

    Book Tip:  4 Hour Work Week – Tim Ferris (affiliate link)

    Learn how to BLOCK your TIME!  Stick to it.  (Jenn – don’t we have a blog on this?)

    TASK: Time block your Month of May and get rid of at least ONE thing that is just a time suck, that you should have said NO to.

     Under-Committing and quitting before the finish line

    This often happens when we have unrealistic expectations of the amount of work – aka commitment – something will take. AND we look for instant gratification versus embracing delayed gratification.

    Getting to the finish line is a mindset game – 100% of the time.  If you think you can, you will.  If you think you can’t, you won’t.  It’s that simple…on paper, in your head you need to work on it!

    Recognize the steps & stages of Growth –any project is a commitment and it’s a growth experience as it’s not something you do on an everyday basis, part of your non-thinking routine of life.

    Examples:  Heading back to the gym, losing weight, embarking on a career change, learning a new skill, remodeling a room – the list goes on!

    Stages of Growth

    Start of project or goal = INCEPTION. 

    • Your attitude is at an all-time high – you feel invincible
    • Your commitment level is on point – you are all in.
    • Your energy is on fire – you are excited to GO!
    • Your expectations are high – you are going to crush this!

    25% into project or goal = DECEPTION

    • Your attitude is waning – it’s starting to get hard. You are saying – What was I thinking?
    • Your commitment level is low – you want to quit
    • Your energy is LOW – you have to force yourself to show up
    • Your expectations are low – you don’t think you’ll see the finish line

    50-75% into project or goal = Transformation

    •  Your attitude is shifting – you are starting to see some results.
    • Your commitment level is beginning to re-engage because of those results
    • Your energy is lifting – you see the more you put in, the more you get out.
    • Your expectations are shifting – you are now saying “I’m pretty sure I can do this!”

     The Finish Line = Identity

     Your attitude and energy are on fire – you did it. You overcame the obstacles and committed to the long haul

    • You feel accomplished
    • You feel good about yourself
    • Your self-confidence is through the roof
    • You once again feel invincible

     What happens internally when you commit to the “hard things”

    You build resilience, confidence, and what was once hard…now becomes part of your story and often it just becomes a habit or something that you just “do”.

    TASK: Choose a goal or a project and commit for at least 30 days.  Record the work you do daily – and be aware of the stages of growth.

  10. April 2021 - Is your Life Out of Control? Time to take it back

    Are you feeling like your life is spinning out of control?  Perhaps you feel like you aren’t doing anything well, yet you are beyond frazzled?  Yea – I hear ya. Been there…Done that. 

     One I can tell you that you do have control over your life – but you do need to implement some processes and tools to live better, feel better, grow better and hell – just rise up and be better.

    On the inside this month we are Taking back your life – detoxing the hell out of it

    1. Living Better: Getting rid of the clutter. If your living and/or working space is a disaster and a half – it’s getting cleaned up. If your kids’ rooms are a disaster – we are tackling that too.  If your kitchen counter is the collector of all the shit that comes into your house – yea we are going there.   I’m going to share with you the brilliance of minimalism – getting rid of the clutter, purging what doesn’t serve you, and SHOWING you how much happier and productive you are going to be.  PS – you don’t need to keep that dress from 1982 that you might fit into “someday”.  Cya!
    2. Feeling Better: 30 Days of You – detoxing your body.  We’ve done this before on the inside – Check out February’s content.   This was a total immersion of mind, body, and soul – and you can totally do it!  PS I am. OR you can choose to do just ONE thing that doesn’t serve you – maybe it’s alcohol, maybe it’s cigarettes, maybe it’s sugar, maybe it’s that freaking bacon, egg, and cheese bagel from the drive-through you get every morning.  One thing – we are going to detox it right out of your body.  I have ongoing private coaching groups for anyone who wants to join  – just give me a call or drop me an email.
    3. Grow Better: Removing Toxic from your life – people, places, things.  Like feeling better – we are going to choose ONE thing to change.  Maybe it’s your quasi best friend who really isn’t your friend at all, or maybe it’s finally time to leave that toxic spouse/partner, or finally turn in that pink slip for a damn job that doesn’t serve you – whatever IT is – we are making moves.
    4. Be Better: Time to light the candle of your life. Finally making a decision to rise up, be your true authentic self. All the work we did in March 2021 – on building resiliency and confidence.  Now is the time to make some bold decisions about YOU.  If you don’t write the last chapter of your life – somebody else will.  Don’t let that happen.

     4 weeks, 4 powerful practices.  Live. Feel. Grow. Be.

  11. March 2021 –VIDEO Taming the Cowardly Lion

  12. March 2021 –Resilience & Confidence

    When it comes to getting anything you want – be it a dream job, a dream(y) partner or a dream life – you’ll need to master the art of Resilience and Confidence.

    In my Thursday email from 2-25-2021 – (you can grab the video version here on YouTube) I talked about standing up and fighting for YOU, by having strong belief in yourself and KNOWING without a shadow of a doubt you will have success.

    Yes, this all goes back to knowing your Why – that strong driving power that will pull you through the hard times but more importantly it gives you confidence in your competence and it teaches you the art of Resilience.

    This month we are going to combine a bunch of lessons – because there isn’t just one that helps teach the art of resilience and leads to confidence.

    1. Pick a STRONG desire that you have. Maybe it’s losing weight, maybe it’s finding the love of your life, maybe it’s starting your own business – whatever it is, write it down.
    2. Choose a hard deadline that you want to achieve this by – Date, time. Write it down in your calendar.
    3. Go back and do the 7 levels deep using this one strong desire. Why do you want it so badly?  Your desire needs to be backed by emotion.  No one was ever motivated by wanting to be 40 pounds less – they are motivated by wanting to look great at their 40 year reunion, or at their wedding, or on their vacation, or they want to feel amazing and confident about themselves.  Don’t skip this part.
    4. Look back in your life – and be brutally honest with yourself as to WHY you haven’t achieved this strong desire in the past? Maybe this is your first go round with it, but if not – why did you fail?  Don’t blame it on anyone but you – remember we are all about being resourceful versus looking for resources.
    5. Write down potential roadblocks for you not getting to your goal – these can be internal (your mindset) and external – those resources that you need to become resourceful about. Say you want to leave your job, but you also have to feed yourself. That is a roadblock that you need to create a solution for.
    6. Write down potential solutions for every roadblock.

    Ok – we’ve now set the stage.  WE together, are going to get you to your goal.  It may not be in a month, or even a year – this is where the Resilience comes in.





    1. 1.

    the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness

    “the often remarkable resilience of so many British institutions”

    con·fi·dence (Focus on #3)



    1. the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.

    “we had every confidence in the staff”

    1. the state of feeling certain about the truth of something.

    “it is not possible to say with confidence how much of the increase in sea levels is due to melting glaciers”

    1. a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.

    “she’s brimming with confidence”

     Resilience and Confidence go hand in hand

     The reality is, we won’t be confident all the time and, in every situation, but we will become more confident more often the more we put ourselves in those scary situations we fear – aka facing those roadblocks and overcoming them.  Confidence and resilience often go together because resilience is that ability to bounce back after challenges and pressures that life tosses at us every day.

    When you face your fears and overcome them you are empowered.  The more empowered you are, the more confident you become.

    The more confident you become – the happier you are and the more willing you are to try even harder things and you also become more resilient.

    This is called GROWTH.

    Daily Tips

     Remember to focus on what you WANT versus what you do not have. Remember if you think you can you will, if you think you can’t you won’t.

    • Print out your one big thing – that one desire. Look at it daily.
    • Print out your WHY – your 7 levels deep 7th Look at it daily.
    • When your confidence wanes – look in the mirror and tell yourself you are worth fighting for and go back and read your WHY.
    • Wake up each day and journal your daily intentions – what do you want your day to look like. Also list 10 things you are grateful for and why you are grateful for them.
    • Face the fear head on and go all in – you will never get where you want to go if you don’t. PS – you’ll never get that raise if you don’t ask for it, you’ll never get the date with the potential love of your life if you don’t ask, you’ll never have the life you desire if you don’t do the hard scary stuff
    • Understand that the “middle” of your journey gets the hardest – the excitement has worn off. This is where resilience comes in. Hit a roadblock? Go back to that list and see how you are going to attack it.
    • Give yourself grace when the tough times happen – because they will. Don’t forget self-care

    The more you do the hard stuff, the more resilient and confident you will become.

    Ready?  Let’s do this!

    Remember to let me know what you are up to, what your ONE thing is.  Share your thoughts in the forums and in the Facebook group!


  13. February 2021 - The Food Mindset

  14. February 2021 - Mastering the Art of Self Care

    This month I’m choosing to be hyper intentional about my self-care.  I’m pretty good at taking care of myself, but I’m human and lately, my “Non-Negotiables” have been negotiated – and when I see that pattern happening, I know it’s time for a self-intervention I like to call #30DaysofCindy.

    Here’s how it works.  I choose 30 days to be downright SELFISH about me.  I look at my non-negotiables – things that I know make me feel better and be better.  Where am I slipping? Where am I winning?  Is there anything I need to add?

    As this concept may be new to you – here’s how it works:

    You work on your MIND, BODY, and SOUL concurrently and intentionally DAILY for 30 Days. The plan is that if you do something for 30 days, many of these actions will turn into habits.


    I do this process a couple of times a year.  It’s easy to start on the first of the month – but it doesn’t need to be that way. Whatever works for you. Don’t do a week – commit to a month.

    Here are my rules of engagement – use this as a template for your #30DaysofYOU


     Grow your Mindset.  Every day spend 30 minutes reading or listening to something that grows your mind. Listen to Brendan Burchard, Tony Robbins, or anyone that you connect with. What you believe you achieve.  Most goals fail because the person doesn’t believe they can do it.  I always go back to the Seven Layers exercise – that’s where it begins.

    Journal.  I’m a writer – so for me, this is just second nature. I encourage you to get a book and each day write down your thoughts. It doesn’t have to be scripted – just write down what’s in your head.  If the thoughts are negative – try to flip the narrative.  Remember – never say CAN’T – say How Can I?


    Food as Fuel.  What you fuel your body with matters.  Damn, I spent decades figuring out what my body needs for me to FEEL and PERFORM at my best.

    • Remove refined sugar from your diet. Sugar is added to just about everything that is processed, especially drinks.  It’s also very addictive and toxic to your body.  Become a label reader.  For something sweet – grab a banana or dates and eat it with some natural peanut butter.  When cooking replace sugar with honey or maple syrup.  If I eat something with refined sugar now – I get an instant headache, my heart races and I feel literally sick.  It’s that powerful.
    • Eat more Veggies. As many of you know, I adopted a plant-based lifestyle in 2019 and it changed my life.  I’m not saying you need to be a vegan – but try out some meatless meals.  The first thing I noticed after going plant-based was I never – I mean NEVER feel really bloated or full after a meal.  You know – that post-Thanksgiving feeling!  I’ve reduced inflammation and my blood work is spot on.
    • Intermittent Fasting. Give your digestive track time to do its thing.  I do cellular nutritional cleanses several times a month – and it makes me feel AMAZING!  This #30DaysofCindy I’m also going to be doing a 16:8 program – where I fast 16 hours a day and eat within an 8 hour window.  I’ll have breakfast at 10 and my last meal around 5 – so no food after 6.
    • Drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water every day.

    Move it!  For my 30 days I commit to 5-K a day – either walking, running or a combination thereof.  I also do this outside if at all possible – the fresh air feels amazing and it goes by so much quicker than doing this on a treadmill!

    Work it! Weight training 2-3 days a week.  If you have never done weight training, get a personal trainer – it’s worth it.  Even if you do the training via Zoom.  You can also use apps like Peloton – as of this writing, it is free for the first 60 days – so that’s what I’m using, plus it’s super fun!


    Meditate.  This is different for everyone.  I meditate when I’m doing my daily 5K – when I’m alone running, my mind is set free. I’m focusing on my breathing, my feet hitting the ground  – I can’t explain it, but for me, it’s my time to let go.

    Be Alone. This was hard for me to do at first because I’ve never been alone – ever!  Once I did it – I treasure my alone time.  If you live alone – you’ve already got this!  But for those of us that don’t – finding even an evening alone is powerful.  I know colleagues who actually rent a hotel room or an Airbnb for a few days a couple of times a year just to be alone and think.  It’s so powerful!

    Do this for 30 days and you’ll be AMAZED how accomplished you’ll feel when you are done.  You may also discover some great new habits – like walking/running or ditching sugar.  You won’t know until you try!

    Oh – to hold yourself accountable – share your journey on social media!!

  15. January 2021 VIDEO - Tackling Fear

  16. January 2021 - Facing your Fears

    How dramatically we can change our results is largely a function of imagination. 

    Can a poor person become wealthy? Of course! The unique combination of desire, planning, effort, and perseverance will always work its magic. The question is not whether the formula for success will work, but rather whether the person will work the formula. That is the unknown variable. That is the challenge that confronts us all. 

    We can all go from wherever we are to wherever we want to be. No dream is impossible provided we first have the courage to believe in it.”  Jim Rohn 

    I subscribe to just about every personal development blog out there – ergo I get hundreds of emails daily.  I don’t read them all – some I do, some I archive, and others just get tossed in the daily purging of the almighty inbox. 

    The ones that make the “cut” do so for a reason – usually, it’s because I’m subconsciously searching for whatever is in the subject line. 

    Jim Rohn made the cut with this one: 13 Ways to Improve your Life.  Well, hey now – that sounds up my alley and a perfect template for this group to work on! 

    The first thing on his list – #1 is Facing your Fears.  If 2020 taught us anything it’s that the unknown can be scary and sometimes, we have to look shit in the proverbial face and become David to its Goliath.  

    You conquer fears by facing them.  It’s that simple.  You don’t hide from them you don’t put yourself in a bubble and pretend they don’t exist – you show up and you face them. 

    2021 begins a new dawn – Today is January 1.   

    What are you afraid of? What are you avoiding out of fear? 

    In January – I want all of us to work on just ONE fear that is stifling our forward motion.  I’m going raw here and letting you in on what I’m working on. 

    Judgment.  I’m human and just like 99% of the population.  I have to push harder to be more open and not worry about what others think.  My first step is recording my weekly emails and creating a YouTube channel.  My videos right now are crazy amateur – I’m still figuring it all out.  My goal wasn’t to be perfect or pretty it was to just do.  Each time gets a bit easier and better.  Doing 2 a week – by the end of 2021 I’ll have over 100 videos in my library. I’m convinced at where I start will not be where I end. I will be like a fine wine and improve with age.  

    Do a girl a favor and subscribe CLICK HERE – I think right now I have 3 people following my YouTube Channel.  I’m going to continue on my journey and not worry if I still have 3 people in 12 months!  For me, it’s about tackling a fear of judgment and doing something NEW.   

    What will you tackle in January – pick something bold, pick something scary and JUST GO!   

    We’ve got this! 

  17. December 2020 VIDEO - My 3 Words

  18. December 2020 - Goal Setting – Realistic, Actionable and ATTAINABLE!

    I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. Why? For the most part they are big failures.  Just look at the gym on January 10th.  The usuals are coming back in after the masses of “Resolution-ites” have faded.  Now on 1/1/21 – who knows if gyms will even be open so this analogy may not even be relevant in the year of “who knows what’s next”!  But you get the picture.

    In lieu of the standard – I want to lose weight, eat healthier and be a better person (Ps – do that shit anyway) – I chose to be higher level and focus on 3 words.

    Each year around this time I sit down in a quiet space and choose 3 words.  These 3 will be my intent for the year.  EVERYTHING focuses around them.

    Here is what I wrote  – December 2019.  Little did I know what was about to happen in the upcoming year.  Oy Vey!  Let’s just say – I held onto these words tightly throughout the year.

    Here’s the process on HOW I choose my words

    1. What did I struggle with in the previous 12 months – were there things that held me back, things I want to improve on? What will make ME a better person in my business, my personal life and within ME. In 2019 – I sold my house and everything in it to hit the road full time in my RV. This was a huge life change – I mean huge.  In 2020 – it was all about having the courage to be me and embrace the freedom that was in front of me. I also wanted to find my inner lion to really “come out” as me.  No holds barred – be fierce, be wild – be ME! I also committed myself to learning new skills and amping up my personal development big time.  Where did I need to grow?
    2. Next choose THREE words that define what I want to accomplish. And be very specific about what that means to me.  Remember these 3 words are for YOU, no one else.
    3. Of course – then you create action plans around them – but remember these will be fluid as you are talking an entire YEAR! What you start out with, surely won’t be what you end up with.  BE FLEXIBLE.
    4. These are NOT one hit wonders – they are things that should change your thinking, your mindset and your life for years to come.


    Create your Three words – these will replace thoughtless New Year’s resolutions.

    What do you want 2021 to look like?

    TIP:  Remember – the past is the past, the future is whatever you want it to be.  Choose wisely.

    Big Love!


  19. November 2020 VIDEO - Guilt

  20. November 2020 - Moving beyond STUCK

    “If you are not growing, you are dying,” Tony Robbins.

    This month we are delving into how to move beyond the barriers that are getting you STUCK.

    We’ve all been there, and I would bet there is a part of your life where you are experiencing this right NOW!  So it’s completely possible to be thriving in one area of your life and stuck in another.  I struggle with this a lot, as someone with ADD.  I find it hard to focus on multiple areas of my life at once and excel in all.  Some people can easily divide their energies in multiple directions for me, I have to work at it.  I have to be very intentional with my time and what I’m doing where…more on that this month!

    For many staying the status quo seems fine, until you find yourself in this state of robotic boredom.   You are going through the motions, you are slowly emotionally dying.

    Most of us aren’t even aware of that little nagging voice in the back of our mind that is urging…begging us to do something, to move, to grow.  I urge you to listen.  You don’t want to wake up one day and realize some amazing opportunities are gone forever.

    Remember – this moment in time is just that – a moment in time.  It cannot be repeated.

    Here are the usual suspects of the “Stuck Zone” and what we will work on

    1. Not knowing your WHY – you lack purpose in your life. If you are new to the Insiders make sure you do the 7-Levels Deep exercise – you cannot find fulfillment in life unless you know your purpose. Why do you do what you do, what is your purpose, what drives you.  This is what will inspire you to get up every day and DO.
    2. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of judgment.  When you can learn to let this crap GO – your roadblocks disappear.
    3. Mediocrity Lover. Many people don’t like change, they love the comfort zone.  But if you want change, you must change.  I’ll leave it at that.
    4. Your Tribe. If you don’t level up – you will stay down.  The circle you surround yourself with will often dictate your growth.  Read that twice.
    5. Crippled by Compare. It’s one thing to admire others, but it’s another to compare yourself to others.  You NEED…you MUST come into your own and own it.  Learning the art of authenticity and loving who you are versus judging yourself to others is critical to growth.
    6. Your personality. I’m an inherent risk taker, outgoing, lover of adventures – so it’s easier for me to accept change, toss fear aside – than others.  It doesn’t mean that if you aren’t like me (Compare!) that you can’t GROW!  It’s all about understanding who you are on a very deep level and compensating for some of your personality traits that are holding you back.  BTW – I’m far from perfect!  FAR FAR from perfect!

    So how do you get UNSTUCK?  Each week we will be digging deeper into these topics

    1. You need to want to. You have to show up and do the work you need to do, to get to where you want to go.  There is no magic pill for this.  It’s called PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT!
    2. Find a purpose. When anything you want in life is tied to something bigger than you – the going is always easier.  That service to others empowers you and drives you.  What you are stuck on right now may not correlate to this – but if you have feelings of status quo – that what you are doing in life doesn’t matter this is a huge one!
    3. Be Decisive. The number one killer of getting unstuck is the inability to make a decision and go with it.  Do it. Own it. Be it.
    4. Self-awareness. You have to be willing to look in the mirror and be HONEST with yourself and take some time to reflect on what you want, what is working and what isn’t.  It’s not hard…but it is hard.  Once you start working on this, it gets easier with time.
    5. You need time with yourself – in your mind. Read “Think Like a Monk” (affiliate link)  – it’s a great book that will teach you the power of self-thought.
    6. Honor your body. Part of moving past roadblocks is having a body that serves you – so that means eating properly, having proper hydration and MOVING!  Going back to our October 2020 30 day program based on Earl Nightingale’s teachings.  When you are healthy, your mind is clearer and you will be able to be more decisive, have better relationships and have more confidence.  You are what you eat J
    7. Force yourself! Each week forcing yourself to do something HARD is so powerful!
    8. Try something new – the status quo happens when you are doing the same thing over and over again.  If you are in a rut in your relationship – do something NEW and exciting!
    9. Let GO. Letting go of a past that doesn’t serve you
    10. Learn the power of your words. Instead of saying I can’t do that because I can’t afford it.  Say – How can I earn the money to do this?  Or just add the word YET to anything that may be negative.  I can’t afford that…YET.
    11. Hire a coach to guide you and keep you accountable.

  21. October 2020 VIDEO - Some Succeed Others Fail

  22. October 2020 - 30 Day Transformation of your Mind, Body, Spirit and Business

    This 30-Day Program is based on Earl Nightingale’s & Napoleon Hill’s teachings.  The goal is to go ALL in for 30 days – mind, body, spirit, and totally commit.

    It won’t be easy – but it will be worth it.  You must commit to the full 30 days – if you falter, start over.  PS – I failed my first time and had to begin anew.  Remember – life is a journey.


    • We are about to REPROGRAM your habits and transform you to the next level when it comes to your mind, body, spirituality, and business (finances).
    • We will focus on the Power of Thought – what you THINK you BECOME
    • It must be done DAILY – no exceptions.


    • Tools needed: Book/Kindle App, Mediation app if you want (calm, headspace), journal (paper or digital)
    • Write down an enormous career goal on a small card. Make the goal something in which you have no idea how to achieve yet, but that you can bring yourself to believe is possible. Carry it with you everywhere you go & look at it often. (Only create one card for the 30 day program)

    Morning Routine – you will become a morning person

    • Get up 2 hours before your first commitment of the day.  So if you have to log in for work at 8 am – get up at 6 am.
    • No screen time except for reading – so no social media, no emails, no news, no weather – only your Kindle App (or whatever digital book format you use)
    • Make your bed
    • In your journal – write down 10 things you are grateful for and why
    • Meditate for 15-30 mins
    • Visualize what you WANT for 10 minutes minimum
      • This goes back to Napoleon Hill – and seeing yourself IN the success you want
      • If you want to be a millionaire – visualize what that looks and FEELS like
      • How do you want to live your life  – think of your wildest dreams and LIVE THEM OUT during this visualization process
      • (I will also be visualizing before bed at night)
    • Read for 30 minutes minimum *THINK & GROW RICH SHOULD BE THE BOOK*
      • Read this book every day – when you finish, start over.
      • If you choose a different book it must be based on the principle “What you think you become”
      • Take notes in your journal
    • Fuel your body with dense nutrition – this isn’t the 30 days for bagels on the fly.  Be intentional about what you are putting in your body to give you optimal results


    • Create a nutritional plan to follow
      • It is up to you to decide what plan you will be following. The most important thing is to create the plan & stick to it. You can do it based on calories, allocate a certain amount of meals & snacks, whatever you want to do. The foods must be healthy, whole foods.  Nothing processed – so goodbye Ding Dongs, McDonalds & Potato Chips for 30 Days.
      • You can calculate exactly the number of calories you should be consuming on a daily basis by doing a Google search – or using tools such as MyFitness Pal.  This isn’t necessarily about weight loss but more about giving your body exactly what it needs.
      • For my Isagenix customers – just follow a 30-Day routine and you’ll be on target
    • Exercise at least 5 days per week for an hour each day – this can be a hard-core workout or a 5K walk – whatever your ability is.  The goal is to get movement in.  On your rest day(s) – do some stretching or yoga.
    • Calculate your required water intake & drink it DAILY – the rule of thumb is half your body weight in ounces.  If you weigh 200 pounds, drink 100 ounces
    • No alcohol or recreational drugs of any kind –includes cigarettes. Time to kick that habit folks!


    • Listen to this Audio Tape daily – put it on while in the car, during your workout.  I prefer to listen to it during my morning routine while I’m getting ready – making my coffee, breakfast etc.
    • Journal your thoughts before going to bed at night
      • Reflect on the day
      • Clear you mind
      • Write down your wins
      • Write down any ideas you have


    • Make a list of 5 Income Producing Activities (IPAs) that are the most crucial to moving your business forward
      • Block time out in your calendar to sit down and bang out these activities
    • Reach out & pour love into one random person per day
    • Look at your Career Card Daily and BELIEVE that you can ACHIEVE it without a shadow of a doubt.

  23. September 2020 VIDEO - Financial Freedom

  24. September 2020 - It’s Time to Master Financial FREEDOM!!

    Whether you consider yourself upper, middle, or lower class – at some point you’ve had money stress.  In fact, I’ve found the more money and stuff you have, the more stress comes with that.  Even if you have someone managing your money and “stuff” – you have to manage them.

    Don’t get me wrong – money is NOT Bad, it’s not the root of all evil – in fact, you can do a lot of amazing things with money that will change your life and the lives of those around you.

    Financial Freedom means different things to different people.

    For many, it’s living a debt free life so they can spend money on things that matter versus paying debtors.  Hello – This Girl is raising her hand and waving it all over the place!

    For others, it means learning how to make money work for them and achieving great wealth.  Being a billionaire was never really on my radar – as noted above, that’s too much for me to handle and really, the stress with figuring out what to do with all that money is just not something I aspire to.  BUT If per chance that happened, I’ve learned the skills to do it.

    This month we are going to be diving into what that means for you and how to create a path to get there.

    1. Vision Casting. I wrote about this yesterday in my Thursday Email – but recapped it HERE for you and dropped it in our Resources.
    2. Understanding your Finances – yep, where the hell is all your money, what are you spending it on? We are tracking every dime for 30 days.  Suck it up Butter Cup – if you want to master this thing called financial freedom you 100% have to do this part.  Grab the Spreadsheet HERE.
    3. Knowing NEEDS versus WANTS. Take our Income Reality Test here – this was originally designed for my course 9-5 to Launch – helping people see what they needed to leave their job, BUT it’s an eye-opener as to what you NEED versus what you WANT as far as spending is concerned!
    4. Paying off Debt. I’ll share with you how I’ve tackled this and give you some tips. PS  you have to do 1-3 first.
    5. Minimalism. Learn how this collector of things, purged it all to live a very minimalist lifestyle and why having less is indeed having so much MORE!
    6. CRAZY LIST. If you haven’t done the “Bucket List Challenge” here in the Thursday Group – do it!!  Part of Vision Casting is having that list of things you do WANT!

    Buckle up – this month is going to be a wild one!!

  25. August 2020 VIDEO - Morning Routines

  26. August 2020 - The 30 Day Challenge

    If time, money, and resources were not an issue – what would you want your life to look like?

    To make it easier for you – I’m going to break that question down into Four Categories:

    1. Health. What does ideal health look like to you?  Lose weight, move more – be prescription drug-free?
    2. Wealth. What does financial success look like to you? Be debt-free, be a millionaire, buy a new house?
    3. Relationships. What do your relationships look like?  Your partner, family & friends. Perhaps it’s finding true love?
    4. Productivity & Career. What does your day look like, your career? Are you no longer a procrastinator, an organizational mess, working a job that you hate?

    This month I’m going to challenge you to effect CHANGE in your life. 

    We are going to choose ONE thing that is your elephant in your proverbial room.

    The thing that’s hanging over your head.

    The thing you’ve tried and quit a gazillion times.

    The thing you really know you need to do.

    Developing NEW habits is hard.  Breaking OLD habits is even harder.

     Any of these things on your “list”?

    • I need to give up drinking soda.
    • I have to Stop Smoking.
    • I need to exercise regularly.
    • I have to lose the pounds for good.
    • I need to drink more water.
    • I need to get a grip on your finances.
    • I must practice self-love/care.
    • I need to stand up for ME!

    If not – what’s a new habit you want to integrate into your life, or what old habit are we kicking to the curb?


    1. Give it 30 days. If you can commit to doing something daily or NOT doing something daily for 30 days it’s far easier to adopt this as part of your lifestyle. It’s not a guarantee – but you have a much better shot at it!
    2. Forget about FOREVER. Most people fail because they get anxious about doing something for the rest of their lives.  It’s overwhelming, it’s sad, it’s an addiction trigger. So let it go – you are only testing this out for 30 Days.
    3. Know your WHY. Why do you want this for yourself? Why is it important? When you have a deep-seated WHY, you’ll power through the tough times.
    4. Vision Cast the hell out of it. What POSITIVE thing will happen if you make this big change?  Now FEEL how you will FEEL when you accomplish whatever it is that you want to accomplish.  Imagine yourself on the other side of 30 Days – what does your life look like?
    5. Have a Game Plan. As noted, adopting a new habit isn’t easy, trashing old ones are even harder.  Some people do well with the cold turkey approach, others do better with a step down or step up.  So if cigarettes are your thing – will you toss out the pack and suck it up for 30 days or will you cut down your consumption by 2 cigarettes a day until you are down to one.  Whatever you choose – you must stick to it for 30 Days.
    6. Have a support system. There’s a reason program like WW and AA work – you are surrounded by people in the same situation led by someone who’s been in your shoes.  You have someone to lean on, to kick you in the butt, and to encourage you when need be.
    7. Know it won’t be easy. When you know that there will be hard times ahead, you’ll be better prepared.  Everyone starts on day one gung ho – but then reality sets in.  Go to the gym on January 1 it will be packed, go 2 weeks later and it’s the “Habit Crowd” left.  You have to SHOW up for yourself every single day and power through.
    8. Know that failure is part of the growth process. You need to believe in you,  believe in your new habit, and believe in yourself IN that new habit.
    9. Don’t skip 2 Days. Back to 7 & 8 – there will be bumps in the road. So don’t give up if you gorge on the chocolate cake, or have a cigarette.  Get back on the train and don’t look back. Don’t beat yourself up.  It’s Ok – it happens.
    10. At 30 Days it’s time to REFLECT. Is this something you can stick to?  Is it indeed a new habit?

    That’s the process – we begin on the first!

  27. July 2020 VIDEO - Bucket Lists ft. Susan Pagan

  28. July 2020 - The Crazy List

    8 Rules to creating and accomplishing your Bucket List!

    Some people have pretty strong emotions about the idea of creating a bucket list.  Maybe it’s a reminder that life indeed is short, that you only do get to live once or the biggie – so much time has passed so why start now.

    Personally – I’m all about the bucket list.  I’ve completed a few and now Dave and I are doing one together.  We even have a blog called Bucket List Nomads 🙂

    I’m going to walk you through how I created my lists and started checking things off of them one by one.

    Rule #1 – Give it a Name.

    My dear friend Robin made me make a “Crazy List” when I started working with her as a business coach.  These were things I could accomplish if I reached my business goals.  One of them was to go live fulltime in our RV (Check!), another was to buy a cute little red sports car – I did but then sold it to buy the jeep to tow behind the RV.  🙂

    Name your list whatever you want – but I do want you to emotionally connect with it.  I did a Google search and came up with this cool list of names – feel free to steal them or create one of your own!

    • Life List
    • Dream List
    • Life’s Aspiration List
    • My Lifetime Goals
    • Things to Achieve in My Lifetime
    • My Life’s To Do
    • Meaningful Life Goals
    • Things to Conquer
    • Amazing Experiences To Be Had
    • The Life Plan
    • My Life’s Must Dos

     Rule #2 – Give it a HOME – yes, your List needs a place to live because you will be visiting it often.

    You want to write it down, look at it often, and check things off as you accomplish them.  Some people like to keep a journal, or do it digitally – whatever works for you, do it!

    Creating a bucket list is also creating a GOAL LIST. In order to accomplish a goal, you need to have a road map, a plan, and a commitment to get it done.


    • Paper Journal. To this day I keep a journal and in it, I have my dreams and aspirations.  This was my go-to until I moved into the RV full time and realized I can’t keep dozens of journals so…I went digital
    • iPad – Notability App. I LOVE this app!! I have the new iPad Pro with the keyboard and the stylus so I can write in it, but this app allows you to import pictures so I can create digital vision boards!
    • Excel file or Word doc – doesn’t leave a lot of room for super creativity – but it works!
    • Be a Blogger! There are so many blogs out there – it’s free and easy.  You can chronicle your journey as you go after your bucket list items.
    • Find an online forum – I personally have not used these but if this is your jam to find a community to share – then go for it: org, BucketList.net or iWish App are a few. But I’m sure there are dozens more

     Rule #3 – Decide what your list will look like.

    I did one that was 100 things I needed to do before I died.  So it was a finite number.  I’ve transferred some of those items to more niche lists – here are some ideas.

    Some have deadlines – but for most, your LIFE is the deadline.  Other things I wanted to do before I turned a certain age, it makes it more of a “goal” and I’m pushed to do them. 

    • 100 things to do before I die
    • 10 must see places I have to go to before I’m 50 or 90 – choose a date
    • 10 outside my comfort zone things I have to do
    • 10 people I want to see in person before I die
    • 10 marathons I want to run
    • 100 restaurants I want to go to
    • 10 creative things I want to learn – painting, sculpting, etc.
    • 10 childhood dreams I still want to do

    Or you can start by creating Categories – I found this list on the web and thought it was genius!

    • Adventure
    • Career + Finances
    • Charity
    • Creativity
    • Education
    • Entertainment & Events
    • Family + Kids
    • Food + Drink
    • Just for Fun
    • Local Experiences
    • Personal Growth
    • Nature + Wildlife
    • Sports + Activities
    • Travel

    There is NO WRONG LIST!!!

    TIP:  Nothing is off limits.  Put down the craziest things on the list!

     Rule #4 – The Mini List and why you need to be realistic but not confining

    The reason I have dates on some of my lists and not on others is that I don’t want to be bummed that I can’t accomplish everything on my list.  Hence the reason for the Mini List.

    Maybe it’s seasonal, or in a year, or very specific to an event.

    The 10 things I want to do this Summer

    The 5 people I want to meet at X event I’m attending

    This year’s bucket list versus New Year’s Resolutions 🙂

    I see this one A LOT  – 30 things to do before I’m 30, 50 before 50.  PS I’m working on my 60 before 60 and I’m going to be 58 in a few weeks, so I need to get cracking!

    The Mini Lists will make you feel super accomplished AND they are very specific goals – so I just love them!!!

    Rule #5 – Be inspired and constantly ADD to your list or create new ones!

    Every time I watch a movie or a binge a Netflix series inevitably, I see a place in them and tell Dave – we need to go there.  I ended up in Hawaii after watching the new Hawaii 5-o  That’s a legit confession.  I’m always looking to add things to my list!  I see an Instagram Post, a Pinterest Pin – I say, “I want to do that!” and it goes on the list.

    Here are some other tips:

    1. Write your own eulogy. How do you want to be remembered?  What do you want people to know about you and what you’ve accomplished in your life?  I’m working on this one now.  Translate those notes into bucket list items.  Get it done!
    2. I’m a writer and a doodler. So when I see TV shows set in awesome locations – I write it in my journal and those things end up on my lists.  The point is to capture ideas, so you don’t forget them!
    3. Seriously search out what other people are doing  – there are so many blogs out there! Be inspired and yes, it’s 100% ok to copy another person’s bucket list!!!
    4. Understand the power of your own mind. Ask yourself 20 questions and write down the answers. These pretty much cover it all – you can add or subtract – but this should get you started.  The idea is to get you THINKING!
      1. Where in the world would you like to go?
      2. If you had one month to live, what would you do?
      3. What foodie adventures do you want to try?
      4. What cultural traditions are you interested in?
      5. Are there any activities or sports that you want to try?
      6. What events do you want to attend?
      7. What has always been your biggest dream in life?
      8. What classes have you always thought about taking?
      9. If money and fear were not an issue what would you do?
      10. Who have you always wanted to meet in person?
      11. What would you like to do with family and friends?
      12. In what ways do you want to do improve yourself physically, mentally, or spiritually?
      13. What skills have you wanted to learn?
      14. Is there a charity you have always wanted to support?
      15. What was your childhood dream — is it still relevant today?
      16. If you won a 500 million dollar lottery today, what would you do?
      17. If you were on your deathbed, what would be your regrets?
      18. What travel stories would you want to share with your grandchildren?
      19. If you had three wishes what would they be?
      20. Is there someplace you have always wanted to take your spouse, best friend, and parent?

    Rule #6 Don’t let self-limiting beliefs limit your list

    Just because you’ve never sky-dived or climbed a mountain doesn’t mean you can’t do it.  Whatever your heart desires should go on that list.

    Remember – if you think you can or think you can’t – you are 100% correct.

    Have deep faith that you can accomplish your goals.

    Visualize what it’s like to be on that dream location or married to the knight in shining armor – whatever that bucket list item is, I want you to visualize yourself telling your friends about how you got there.  How did it feel?

     Rule #7  Do it.  Just don’t write about it.

    Many people will make the list, most won’t take action to actually do it.

    That’s the reality – don’t make it yours.

    The important part is to come up with items that are so damn meaningful to you, that pull at your heartstrings, that inspire you to wake up, and energize you every single day!

    You want a list that makes you smile when you look at it.  That encourages you to get out your calendar and take action.

    You want a list that you can share with your friends and say, “I’m doing this – wanna join me?”

    Rule #8.  Enjoy the journey.  Enough Said.

    The important part is to come up with items that are meaningful to you; ones that will inspire you to wake up each morning with a fire in your belly.

  29. June 2020 VIDEO - Napoleon Hill's 13 Principles

  30. June 2020 - How to attract the right people and shun the wrong ones

    You may have heard the term “Attraction Marketing” bantered around – it’s nothing fancy nor it is rocket science.  It’s all about putting forth content that ATTRACTS the exact people you want – that ideal AVATAR – that perfect prospect that will turn into the perfect sticky client. 

    Where do you start?  

     ONE: It begins with YOU and Embracing YOU 

     Sidebar:  I spent too many years comparing my company to other marketing firms.  Trying to “copy” what the successful folks were doing as far as messaging, website, branding: MISTAKE. As in BIG HUGE MISTAKE. 

     You have to be YOU. 

     You have to be RAW. 

     You have to be AUTHENTIC 

     NEWS FLASH:  People don’t want fake, staged, or prompted – they want IRL (In real life), down and dirty this is who you are off camera.  

     SECOND NEWS FLASH: No one is perfect.  No one has the perfect life. Everyone blunders.   

     When you are confident enough – and yes brave enough – to share your REAL story, including your struggles people will begin to identify with you in a HUGE way.   

     Because they see that you UNDERSTAND THEM – you aren’t perfect, they aren’t perfect. 

     TWO – you need to know WHO you are marketing to – aka the AVATAR (no not the movie 🙂 ) 

     So regardless of your industry, whether you are a seasoned business owner, launching a new business or thinking of launching one – this is critical. 

     I’ve developed a worksheet to help you do that – we call it the TCP or Target Client Profile.  Grab it in the Files Section. 

     When you are writing, posting on the GRAM or designing your website – you need to be able to picture this IDEAL client in your mind.  

     Speak to them.  

    Write to them.   

    Post to them. 

     Of course, you are speaking to the masses – but you are acutely focused on this ONE demographic.   

     When you do that – you will attract those people. 

     More importantly, you will detract the people that aren’t your tribe. 

     You can’t please everyone. 

     You can’t sell to everyone. 

     You need to not get emotional over those who aren’t “attracted” to you – this isn’t junior high.  Sorry had to say it. 


    •  Fill out the TCP – get very clear on who you are targeting 
    • Begin putting yourself out there in a REAL, AUTHENTIC and VERY RAW way.  It won’t be easy at first, but eventually, the freedom you will feel is AWESOMESAUCE. 

     Share in the forums! 

  31. May 2020 VIDEO - Personal Branding and Authenticity - Mike Valletta and Mark Ewing -

  32. MAY 2020: Using your Personal Brand for Success

    There is a huge difference between those who are successful, and those who aren’t.

    If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that the book Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill (affiliate link)  changed my life.  Your homework for this month is to read this book- cover to cover and deeply think about what he is saying.  I’ve also recapped his 13 principles for you HERE. Print them and hang them up.  They are THAT important.

    Let’s begin….

    What is on your crazy list. What is it that you really WANT out of life?

    If you aren’t clear on what you want, you can’t set any goals and you will struggle with success.  So go back to your journal and make sure you have these clearly written.  There is ZERO judgment – this is YOUR list.  If you’ve already done this great, if not do it.  Remember you can and should add to this list.  But if you don’t have the list, you’ll struggle with the exercises this month.

    On to Napoleon

    Each week I’ll tackle a couple of the TAGR principles and go deeper into them. We will begin with perhaps the most important and it’s principle #1 or DESIRE.

    If you have a goal in mind and you are serious about achieving it you have to WANT it as badly as you NEED to breathe.  

    I want you to read that statement a couple of times.  This is NON-NEGOTIABLE.  Why?  Because when you want something as badly as you need to breathe, the roadblocks that show up in your way will be easily overcome.  You’ll just walk over them and keep moving.  If you can’t master principle #1 chances are you will not master your goal.

    Go back to your crazy list.  What is the ONE thing you want to focus on right now?  How badly do you DESIRE it?

    How does this tie into Branding?

    When you live your authentic self and can be open about the things that you want and desire – they have a way of happening and coming into your life.  What you think, you become.

    This month we are going to focus on how to translate all the work you’ve done about your superpowers, your personality preferences, your mindset and move that into real action.

    We will teach you how to:

    • Have a power profile on LinkedIn if that is where you need to be
    • How to effectively create a brand that attracts and converts your tribe on social media – Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
    • How to WRITE in a way that is engaging, entertaining & educational all at the same time

    Tying it all together

    You’ll find as you not only learn Napoleon Hill’s principles but you begin to believe them and live them – the personal branding becomes a whole lot easier because you begin to believe in YOU.  You begin to let go of limiting beliefs and you 100% begin to ignore people who don’t serve you in the way you deserve. You begin showing up as the real YOU and that my friends is the power of your personal brand.

  33. April 2020 Video - Mindset with Peter Callahan

  34. April 2020 - Mindset - “The Thriving You”

    At this point, I’ll assume you are on my weekly email list and have read at least in part some of my messaging around how to not just survive Covid19 but to thrive both personally and professionally during this crazy time in our lives.

    The lessons we talk about this month at The Thursday Club really have nothing to do with COVID19 but everything to do with how to react to situations in your life. 

    PS:  You are living the life you want.

    You are CHOOSING how to react to situations – including this COVID19 one.

    To be honest I got caught up in the hype and constantly sharing how our government isn’t doing enough and how awful everything is.  It was sucking the life out of me.  Not that I’m taking any of this pandemic lightly – I’m not.  What I am doing is focusing on the light, the sunshine and NOT dwelling on the negative.

    Mindset.  What you focus on you become.

    Say it with me: “What I focus on I become.”

    This my friends is the secret to happiness and success.

    If you think you won’t – you won’t.  If you think you can – you will.

    I shared a story on my personal Facebook page the other day via video while I was taking a break from running in the Texas afternoon heat.  Here’s a recap…

    About 3 years ago Jenn and I made a huge shift in our business.  The writing was on the wall – marketing firms like ours were dying left and right.  What I was once getting paid 6 figures for I was now getting 20-30K for.  I had to do a lot more work for a lot less money.  I had to lay off employees.

    It was either reinvent or close shop.  For me – closing shop was not an option because I knew deep down in my soul I had something to offer the world.  I had a talent that is valuable that others need.  I just had to figure it out.

    Jenn and I decided to scale back and reinvent.  We began to teach versus do.  People wanted to learn how to DIY their marketing – OK.

    We created courses and masterminds

    We helped others do the same.

    We taught others how to manage their digital marketing – much of it for FREE.

    We served and we served and we served.

    I went months without a paycheck. There were times Jenn had to defer getting her paycheck until cash came into the biz.

    I took out loans.

    I maxed out a few credit cards.

    I was all in.

    I failed a bunch.

    Things I tried didn’t work.

    In the midst of it all – I trained for a marathon, I sold my house and everything in it to go live in our RV fulltime. Why – because those were goals I committed to.

    I wanted it all badly enough to just DO.

    I wanted my company to succeed.

    I wanted to keep Jenn on the payroll because she is the best damn employee ever and I needed her to do what I had to do.

    I had shit I wanted to accomplish – so I just said “F*ck You – road bumps – get the hell out of my way!”  When I fell – I got back up.

    My marathon – everything went wrong.  I finished out of pure determination.

    You see the secret to success is grit.  It’s your will to do it.

     You WILL FAIL.  If you are smart – you will take those failures as lessons.

    Here’s what I know:

    Q1 was Red Barn’s best quarter in 3 years.  All the hard work, all the sacrifices paid off.  Jenn and I  created multiple streams of income – both at Red Barn and in our personal lives. We made ourselves COVID proof.

    If we had quit 3 years ago we wouldn’t be able to help so many businesses who are struggling now.

    If we had quit – we may have been at a job right now that doesn’t exist due to COVID.

    If we had quit – I would be miserable and so would Jenn.


    What can you do right now to shift what you are doing?

    If you are struggling with your business – what can you offer your customers in our New World?

    Go back to your journal – are you focusing on what you want versus what you do not have?

    EVERY SINGLE DAY – show up with the attitude that is positive.

    How you react matters.

  35. March 2020 Video - Superpowers with Deene Morris


  36. March 2020 - Honoring the Personal Brand

    You are UNIQUE and So are others:  Honoring the Personal Brand

    #TruthBomb – you are unlike anyone else and that’s a good thing.  Time to let go of teenage insecurities when you wanted to be like the most popular kid in school.  OR maybe you WERE the most popular kid and were still comparing yourself to others.  Your unique self has superpowers and now is the time to embrace them.

    #TruthBomb Number Two – Comparing yourself to others is probably one of the most self-destructive things you can do.

    Now that we have all the bombs out the way. Last month we spent some time honing in on what you really wanted out of life.  I had you make crazy lists, get down deep into what drives you on a daily basis. All of these things are vitally important for success, but more importantly, they are vital for your happiness.

    Ever wonder how Instagram Influencers such as Jenna Kutcher (one of my fav girls on the gram) got there?  They aren’t perfect, they have flaws – yet they rise to the top. 

    You know why?

    They are AUTHENTIC and they put themselves out there.  They are raw.  They embrace what makes them…them.

    They 100% honor their personal brand. They 100% honor their personal brand AND uniqueness of others.

    They take their God-given talent and share them with the world without expectation of anything in return.  In turn they have grown their brand and their business into multi-million dollar franchises.

    This wasn’t overnight success for Jenna Kutcher – I encourage you to read her story.  In fact, she struggled like all of us. The tipping point for her is when she posted a picture on Instagram of her in a bathing suit walking down the beach with her very fit husband.   The haters came out, “How can someone like you land a guy like THAT” type haters…but something magical also happened.  The LOVERS came out.  Her following exploded because she had the courage to be her and didn’t give two f*&^s what others thought.

    Same with Brene Brown – watch her Ted Talk and follow up stories about just opening up.

    Same with me.

    When I finally just embraced who I am, and stopped trying to be someone I’m not – my business exploded, I found the love of my life, I’m living the life that I’ve always wanted AND I’m freaking happy.

    When you honor your unique brand and share it with the world – the proverbial switch is flipped.

    So time to get to work.  When you combine what you are really great at with what makes you happy (remember that list????  Go back in your journal and review it – if you are new to the Thursday Club – read the February 2020 posts).

    1. Write down in your journal your unique superpowers. What are you REALLY great at and make sure you ENJOY it.  I know how to write processes and procedures manuals – but I hate doing it.  What I love is figuring out where the roadblocks are in a business – I let someone else create the documents.  So be INTENTIONAL with what you write.
    2. Write up a BIO. This is NOT a resume.  This is a bio about who you are, where you shine, and what rocks your world.  You can check out mine and Jenn’s on our website.
    3. Take a LEAP. This is the hard part and where the RUBBER meets the damn ROAD!  I want you to let go of comparing yourself to others, let go of the fear of judgment and put yourself out there in a big way.
      1. Often the challenge here is when what you love is not considered the NORM. Like The Subway Knitter  It’s time to be BRAVE.
      2. This may take some time because maybe what you are holding in and holding back is scary or deeply personal. It’s ok – the idea is to make a decision to be YOU.
    4. Incorporate your Brand into everything you do.
      1. If you are an entrepreneur – let yourself shine in your brand. DON’T try to be like your competitors.  If you like the color purple – then use the color purple.
      2. When you show up as your authentic self and honor your brand you will attract the right customers – the ones that mesh with your lifestyle, your mojo, and your brand.
      3. If you work for someone else and aren’t happy – take a very deep look at the culture. Are you pretending to be someone you are not?  Does the culture of the business just not fit you?  Could be time for a change – meaning put yourself out there as YOU.  If they don’t embrace you – time to change jobs.  BUT you might be pleasantly surprised.  The point is you won’t know unless you shift.

    Let’s rock it!

  37. Feb 2020 Video - Mindset with Susan Wheeler

  38. Feb 2020 - Your Purpose

    I encourage you to buy a journal to keep all of this brain food in – doesn’t have to be a fancy moleskin one (although I do love my moleskins)  – just go to Amazon and grab something you LOVE.  Keep it with you always because we’ve got some work to do!

    Back to this month’s topic – Your Purpose

    I wish I had figured this out when I was in my 20s – but it took me decades to really hone in on ME and what I want out of life.  Diving into this changes everything – I mean EVERYTHING.

    HOMEWORK  – #1 – Diving deep into what drives you.  The result will determine how you will be successful.

    I have to give credit to Dean Graziosi for this first exercise I’m going to take you through. I took a course from Dean, and this was part of the work – no worries he opened sourced the content and encouraged us to share.  It was so powerful I knew I wanted to bring it to my tribe.  Some of you might have already done this – if so I encourage you to go through the process again.

    It’s called  “Seven Layers Deep” – Grab a copy HERE  

    Do this exercise in your journal – so you can go back and look at it.  PS – feel free to share it with the world!

    You start at level one and write down what is important to you about becoming Successful.  NOW – success is different for everyone!  It doesn’t mean making more money, or being at the top of the corporate ladder – think about whatever success means to you.

    Level TWO – you need to dig deeper and answer WHY your Level ONE Answer is important to you.  For instance if Level one is Being Successful is Important to me because I want to make more money.    Next level you have to write – Why is making more Money important to me?  The answer may be – “Because I want to pay off debt”

    Now continue until you get to Level Seven.

    This is not an easy exercise at all.  You may need to go back to it – it requires some deep thinking and meditation.  You want to be mindful of your answers and NEVER write down something that you think you should put down based on some preconceived thought in your head. IE this is what my mother would want me to write 🙂

    HOMEWORK #2 – What makes you happy – as in REALLY happy and the power of gratitude.

    I cannot tell you how many people I’ve worked with (including myself) who are delusional about what makes them happy.  Why?  Because being just you is sometimes hard.  Honoring who you are is just damn hard – until you do it…really do it.

    So here is the exercise….

    1. Pretend right now that no one but you will see this – once you are ready to share you will – but for now this is between you and you.
    2. In your journal – begin to write down things that bring you joy.  It could be a cup of coffee in the morning, losing a pound when you hit the scale in the morning, a hug from a child – whatever it is – write it down.  There are NO wrong answers here. Try to get at least TEN items in your list – but feel free to write down a hundred.  The more the merrier.
    3. Once you are done – look back at that list.  How do you feel about it?  Does it make you happy?  OR does it make you sad that you don’t do these often enough – or is a combination of both.


    Most people don’t spend enough time focusing on what they have  – but instead focus on what they do not have.  They don’t honor and cherish the power of GRATITUDE.

    Each day I want you to write in your journal 10 things you are grateful for that day.  At least 4 of those things should be around things that bring you joy.  I’m grateful for my morning coffee because it kicks off my morning ritual and gets my brain moving!  I’m grateful for my legs because they allow me to run and be healthy…. (you choose your own)

    When you embrace gratitude your mind begins to shift.  You really do begin focusing on what you have and living in the moment.  You begin to honor YOU and what makes you happy.

    Honor your journal.  Honor your seven layers,  Honor what brings you joy.  Honor Gratitude.

  39. Thursday 2020 VIDEO - Guilt