"This course packs 30 years of my experiences as an entrepreneur into 6 weeks. I'll teach you how to launch your business, brand yourself, market your company, and get clients and dollars in the door in 6 months or less."
Why I'm so DAMN passionate about this...
I often get asked by folks, "Cindy, how can I be YOU? Have the life you have - doing what you love and not working the 9-5 Grind?" I smile, because I do have a pretty damn good life.

For me it was never about making millions, it was more about having freedom of time and working with clients I love, those I can bring value to and those who are willing to pay me what I'm worth.  

After hundreds of asks, I decided it was time to put down in words (and video) what I did to leave my 9-5 job without going broke and have a successful and scalable consulting business. 

Warning: Being ME isn't for everyone! You have to be willing to work hard, change the way you think, be a self starter and have a bit of grit all mixed together

If you want to hear my story, take a few minutes to watch the video and if you want to get the nitty gritty and have a hell of a lot of fun over the next Six Weeks - join my tribe. Let's do this!
I'm ready to take ACTION and make the next 6 months vastly different than the last 6 months. #noregrets
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