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The Heath Care Landscape is Changing – are You Changing Too?

Having a state of the art marketing and customer engagement strategy while staying compliant is an art form – and we’ve been at it for a while now!  Team Red Barn will help you enhance both your traditional and your digital marketing presence to ensure your unique value prop stands out.

We are strategic – focused in on accountability, KPIs and ROI.

Cindy and VNA Northwest Healthcare

Knowing your world matters.

Chairman, Board of Directors at VNA Northwest, Arthur Mulligan III with Red Barn’s Cindy Donaldson as she exits the board after ten years of service.

We understand your struggles, your compliance and your audience. Let’s just say it’s not our first rodeo.

Marketing for Chiropractors – Press

“Red Barn is part of our team.”

As an Administrator and COO of a very diverse healthcare delivery system, it is important to ensure that our marketing strategies effectively reach a vast constituency of potential stakeholders.

For the past two years I’ve employed the services of Red Barn Consulting.  Red Barn is part of our team.  They assist in strategic development, execution strategies and utilize a comprehensive system to get our message to those who have the greatest need of the services we provide.

William Pond, Healthcare Provider Executive - Noble Horizons

Noble Horizons logo

“With Red Barn the work continues. They understand our practice and how we want to be represented in the community.”

I have worked with Cindy (Donaldson) for seventeen years. When I started back to work in the healthcare field she was my mentor. The help she gave me was beyond words. Cindy helped me brand Diagnostic Radiology Associates (DRA), and myself, and brought us into the 21st century! Now with Red Barn the work continues. They understand our practice and how we want to be represented in the community.

Donna Johnson, Community Relations Liaison - Diagnostic Radiology Associates

DRA logo
Donna Johnson
Abbey Marinack

“Our company was in need of marketing support from product launches to setting yearly initiatives. We came upon Red Barn and thought they looked like a  perfect partner.”

They work to complement what our current marketing team can provide and helped us connect with new areas of the market. Red Barn has enabled us to branch out or our comfort zone, pushed us to challenge timelines, and helped us accomplish more than we could have imagined. Cindy and Jenn are great at what they do, extremely responsive, and have delivered items on time every time. We have seen an increased email click-through rate and overall more email engagement as well as more traffic on our social media.

Our experience thus far has been great and we look forward to seeing what else we can accomplish this year with their help!

Abigail Marinack, Chief Operations Officer - NeuroScience Inc.

NeuroScience logo

How we can help

telling your unique story

Strategic Marketing

What sets you apart from the rest?

Health Care is evolving at light speed – yet in many ways, the marketing is decades behind!  Working with a marketing team who understands HIPAA, ADA compliance, AND can write content while blindfolded is a strategic win! (Hint: that’s Red Barn Consulting)  Marketing & Sales Strategies, with actionable KPIs and ROI.  Helping you shine above the rest.

strategic marketing & sales plans

SWOT analysis

brand development & management

content writing, graphic design, and more...

Marketing Implementation

Your Fractional CMO

Most practices and affiliate arms and even some smaller hospitals don’t have the budget nor is there a need for a full time Chief Marketing Officer.  That’s where Red Barn comes in – we can fill the CMO role for you, supply you with the same top notch service and support without the price tag associated with a C-Level employee on staff.

email marketing campaigns

blogs, white papers & speeches

website and ad campaign copy

Let us Tell your Story

Content Queens

We are Health Care Content Machines

It’s so important that we thought Content deserved it’s own column!  Many health care businesses fall into the “Canned Content” trap  – utilizing same email, blog and web content that 1000 others in their industry are also using. We create SEO driven content that nurtures your clients and patients, and sets you a part from the competition.

editorial & content strategies

digital marketing content support

Ghost written blogs, white papers, and marketing material

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