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TCP = Target Client Profile

We help you understand EXACTLY who your ideal client is and work with you and your team to create a strategic sales plan that aligns with your business goals and then tie in marketing activities to support it all.  Let’s do a little research – shall we?  Deep dive, survey, and analysis – that’s how we get it done.

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Attracting your ideal client within your budget?

We will never sell you a bill of goods you don’t need!  Not everyone needs to invest 6 figures in Facebook advertising to bring in the leads.  Be it working with your sales team on networking know how or developing email automation campaigns that are crazy targeted – we are here when you are ready,

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We drank this Kool-Aid a LONG time ago

Let’s just say we are social selling geeks.  Cold calling is a thing of the past with Red Barn’s clients.  We will teach you how to master LinkedIn, and rock your Personal Brand online so your clients find YOU, versus you chasing and chasing and chasing.  Who has time for that anyway?

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This warms our souls

Donna Johnson

“With Red Barn the work continues. They understand our practice and how we want to be represented in the community.”

I have worked with Cindy (Donaldson) for seventeen years. When I started back to work in the healthcare field she was my mentor. The help she gave me was beyond words. Cindy helped me brand Diagnostic Radiology Associates (DRA), and myself, and brought us into the 21st century! Now with Red Barn the work continues. They understand our practice and how we want to be represented in the community.

Donna Johnson | Community Relations Liaison – Diagnostic Radiology Associates

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