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Email Marketing: When the Opens are FALLING – Do THIS

I’ve been an email marketer since the beginning of email marketing.  It’s just my jam.  I love writing, I love getting instant feedback – and yea, I’m not going to lie, I love seeing open rates in the 30’s and 40’s. And then came Covid.  Everyone was Zoomed out and Emailed out.  There was very […]

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How’s your Customer’s Experience?

Ah, the customer experience. When you are the customer, it’s very easy to describe your experience with a business – what you liked, what you didn’t like, what you wish they did differently or did more of – the list goes on. However, as a business owner or employee – trying to figure out your […]

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[ThursdayClub] The Time is NOW

Happy Friday, Yesterday we wrapped up our month of Financial Freedom with our live call – you can grab the replay here. Whether you desire financial freedom or winning the Noble Prize – the process is the same. I’m sure you’ve seen a pattern in my words, rants, emails, videos. It all begins with a […]

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How to do Social Media the Right Way

When you think about posting on your business social media pages, do you start to panic, feel overwhelmed, and just feel all around uncertainty about what the heck you are even doing? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. The funny thing is, social media for personal use can be fun, informative, and doesn’t require much effort […]

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[ThursdayClub] Are you in Scarcity?

“Working because you WANT to, not because you HAVE to is Financial Freedom”  Tony Robbins Financial Freedom means something different for everyone.  For some it’s being able to retire early, travel the world, pay off debt – for me – I’m on Team Tony. I can’t say I don’t “have” to work – but I […]

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[ThursdayClub] September Line up!

Happy Fri-YAY! Time to wrap up our #30DaysofYOU exercise.  How did you do? Did you find that act of creating Tiny Habits easy to follow?   What did you learn about yourself? Hit reply and let me know!! Coming up in September – Financial Freedom.  Check out the Overview HERE. This isn’t just about living […]

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[ThursdayClub]: Join THIS Club

Good morning! Time to get up and get MOVING!  This month is truly one of my favorite topics because it’s life-changing. Tiny habits lead up to big results. One of my big shifts was joining the 4 am Club.  Yep – 4am.  #GameChanger. Watch the replay of yesterday’s Thursday Club Zoom about my morning routine […]

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[ThursdayClub] Ahhh…the Triggers

Happy Friday! Mid-August is upon us and we will be heading into Fall – and then heading into the holidays and before you know it you’ll be staring down December 31, 2020, thinking about those damned New Year’s Resolutions AGAIN. My guess is you’ve recycled a few of those resolutions over the years. More exercise […]

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[ThursdayClub] Yea – you should

Well, it’s FRI-YAY once again – so bringing you some words of wisdom! I’m currently driveway surfing at my son’s house in Goshen, CT.  This week they got hit by a bad storm that brought down trees, power lines – and even cell towers.  No power and it doesn’t look like they will be getting […]