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Is Network Marketing “REAL BUSINESS” and why it matters

If you are making money – the answer is YES.     I think there is a stigma around the MLM (Multi Level Marketing) that’s not always warranted.  The visions of Ponzi pyramid schemes runs through people’s minds and all of a sudden one’s spidey senses are in hyper-drive at the mention of “joining the cult”.     Here’s my $.02.  […]

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The great website debate

We’ve been doing a ton of websites lately and talking to even more people about the types of websites they need, how to access the back end of them, and basically the process of building a website. I’ve seen so many companies bamboozled by people who take advantage of the unknowing and the website naïve. […]

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The power of your LIST

It’s no secret that Team Red Barn is Pro Email Marketing.  The bang for your ROI buck is huge compared to other advertising and customer engagement methods.  It is all about the POWER of your LIST.  The more targeted, the more engaged, the higher that ROI will be. The biggest question I often get is […]

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Should you use Email Automation?

There is a big difference between having an email marketing program and having an AUTOMATED email marketing program. The word “Automation” tends to send people into the panic zone – conjuring up visions of AI, robots, machines, “Danger Will Robinson” and the like. Well, indeed it’s a bit computer geeky to set up the email […]

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Jennifer LaBonte Founder of The Lifting Unicorn

Jennifer LaBonte,  Founder of The Lifting Unicorn is a Body Positivity Coach helping men and women feel good about their body and their wellness journey. She demystifies the gym experience for her clients, introduces them to the power of mindfulness and is often heard saying “You can’t hate yourself into a better version of yourself”. In […]

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Michael Freeman, Founder of Grind Over Matter, Certified Personal Trainer

Michael Freeman  is the Founder of Grind Over Matter, Certified Personal Trainer, new Dad, Husband, and Podcaster. As of this recording, Michael works for a large health insurer while building his Side Hustle – his goal is to bring his dream to full time status. What impressed us about Michael is his grit and passion to […]